Wealth building! Interesting topic, right? Of course, buying stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and saving is a great means of keeping your money for the future. However, they might not be the only thing you need to do that will lead to financial abundance and wealth in the future.

Savings alone won’t make you rich, the rich folks tend to multiply their money by creating a snowball effect. This is the wealth that they can pass down to their children. Their investment is used to work for them, not necessarily because they have a lot of money.

Middle-income earners send their investment dollars on lazy works, instead of keeping it in a savings account, every dollar should be treated as an employee.

The wealth building strategies that will be discussed in this writing apply to all income levels. You must work on these wealth building strategies if you intend to become financially independent.

Have control over Multiple assets

In our ever unending and unstable economy, you need to do things that help you mitigate risks. One of them is controlling as many assets as possible. In this way, you’ll be able to hold onto your money even when the market is misbehaving.

Spread your money around multiple assets to protect yourself from market volatility. Indeed, when some of your assets dip, the others will be increasing, thereby, giving you long-term sustainability.

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Use leveraged investment to your advantage

Wealth building that is focused on leverage is a good thing, and that is because of the higher returns you’ll be getting. This is what rich people do, they borrow money, invest in a venture that yields more returns, and you should learn this habit too. It’s the good debt, bad debt scenario, you’ve got to do your due diligence, and use other people’s money to grow your wealth portfolio.

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What’s the velocity of your money?

In the game of wealth building, your money needs to have a high speed and velocity. It is associated with a healthy economy, while low ones are what bring recession.

If you watch closely, most investments have their money stuck in there. You can always access your money, yes, but, you’ll need to pull everything out. What you should be looking for is something that constantly generates funds without having to pull the capital out. The money gained from these ventures can be used in other ventures, and that is an exponential growth to wealth building.

Make infinite returns your friend

Infinite returns may not be regularly discussed in the pursuit of wealth-building but it’s of utmost importance. Here we are talking about your ability to get your capital back without selling your assets. For instance, a rental property does this job very well. You get gains from renting your property, making the capital, plus interest on it, over and over again. Fortunately, it is an amazing way to build wealth because your money isn’t tied up in any way. And you can always tap into other profitable ventures with the generated cash.


As earlier mentioned, the stock market is a good place to leave your money, at the same time, consider moving your money around more. To have your wealth-building dreams come true, you have to focus on long-term profitability. With this, you can comfortably pass your wealth down to multiple generations.

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