A lot of people think minimalist lifestyles involve stripping themselves down and living with the bare necessities. This is not entirely true. You can find ways by which you can reduce spending and still be happy.

Honestly, if you are still battling with debts, you should consider these minimalist lifestyles. They will help you take conscious steps towards improving your relationship with money.

Minimalist lifestyles revolve around making meaningful decisions before buying certain things. It breaks you free from impulsive buying and spending. It allows you to question if you need the item you are buying or not. Once you can answer that question, it brings you ultimate fulfillment.

Resist Impulsive buying

The beautiful thing about this century is that you can buy things here and now. This is of the beauties of the internet. All you have to do is create a cart, and press the buy button. The question is, do you need that item? Are you buying them because you saw them on your Instagram news feed? Or do you have a feeling your friends will be impressed by your new bag or clothing?

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Cultivating good minimalist lifestyles means taking a pause, and deciding which item should be purchased or discarded. The next time you feel like buying something, allow it to wait in the cart for a few days. When you return, you may discover you didn’t need it as much as you thought you did. Therefore, the items you are buying must be worth it. It has to be beneficial to you and the purpose of the purchase.

Stay away from tempting situations

Technology is saving most businesses and freelancers well. This is particular about the copywriters. They have the magic tools used in words to tempt you to make a purchase. They understand your needs, fears, anxieties, and preferences. So they channel it properly as clickbait. When you are reading an ad’s copy, and you relate well to the copy, you are getting hooked. Soon you’ll buy the products.

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If your tempting situation is in your email, you should consider unsubscribing from them. This way there will be nothing to tempt you. Minimalist lifestyles also include resisting the sales offer in your favorite store. You might get caught buying more than you budgeted for. So, resist getting into the store in the first place.

Sales, scarcity, and deadlines make you throw your minimalist lifestyles out, and spend more than you need. It is bait, every time you see 40% off, watch out, you’ll be spending 60% more.

Buy Used Furniture

You can save a lot of money when you buy used furniture. Besides, both old and new furniture works the same way. Ask your friends about a particular thing you need, you’ll be shocked someone has one for sale.

Don’t buy a car at least not yet

Owning a car means making the initial payment, further optimizing it with gas, insurance, repairs, and accessories. Most people need a car as a necessity especially if they live in an area with limited access to transport. This applies to anyone living in the rural areas, but if you’re in the city, don’t buy a car yet. Instead, use public transportation, it’s a fine way to get around, and you will reduce cost as well. If you need a car for a huge shopping, you can take a taxi, or rent a car by the hour. It’s a lot cheaper than owning a car

Avoid Gifts

Be practical about your gift-giving culture, it’s important. Instead of buying gifts, you can volunteer your time for the person in the picture. This is because there are times people barely use the gifts they receive. You could also donate the money for the gifts.


These minimalist habits will help you to stay away from quick fixes. You do not have to impulsively buy an item to feel better about yourself anymore. You will begin to look into the root cause of your unhappiness and sort it out. Instead of trying to use money and items to suppress them.

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