An announcement by BMW ushering in its Mini Cooper EV, states that the electric car will open up sales at the sum of $29,900 in March 2020 in the US. There has been a reasonable cut from the first amount which BMW had stated in the car’s unveiling earlier this year.

A s a start, BMW will be able to make promotions for the car based on the fact that its price falls below $30,000. Talking about travelling distance, the car on full charge will only be able to cover 146 miles equivalent to 235 kilometers and this figure isn’t even EPA estimate which without doubt will be on the downside. This without doubt is not an improvement from the old Mini E.

Without further the car comes with a wide range of features such as the Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, auto rain-sensing headlights and wipers and a few others. The car operates on 181 horsepower making it lively as any other mini on the road.