Apple has bluntly stated that all iPhone 5 users should immediately update their iOS or else they’ll lose a lot of features. A report from Engadget states that the company has takn safety measures by reminding users by sending fullscreen alerts as well as a big note on its support website. The update should be done on or before 3 November to at least version 10.3.4.

Everything buzzes around the GPS rollover issue that affceted old devices in April. Other GPS devices were also hit by the issue. After the issue was rectified in July, Apple said that the issue will not be a big deal for older devices not until seven months later.

Apple stated that the iOS update will:

“maintain accurate GPS location and [allow users] to continue to use functions that rely on correct date and time including App Store, iCloud, email, and web browsing.”

Watering this down, a lack of update on the iPhone 5 will cause various features on the phone to be useless. But for iPhone 4S and iPad2, only GPS capabilities will be lost and nothing else.