Women in tech
Women in tech

As a lady, why would l want to be in tech?

Growing up in a society where females are considered princesses, in a way that our parents filled our rooms with lots of Disney princess idols and we played around with them imagining life full of fantasies and paradise has had a tremendous effect on us and the society. While the boys get to play with toy guns, nutcrackers, machines, airplanes, cars and a lot more. Their childhood seeming more fun than ours because they had varieties of play toys and were never bored. Their energy revolved around being able to play commandants and command armies of soldiers with imaginary board rooms and war fields and enemy camps etc. Subsequently, these energy is transformed into reality, when they tend to take up careers in science, technology with a knack for calculations, arithmetic, puzzle-solving, and problem-solving abilities, they have absolutely walked their way into these fields due to the pieces of training they received as young boys.

Women are mostly found in medical sciences, journalism, nutrition units, fashion designing, music, arts, painting and any other feminine field that is less complex. To some extent, their belief that these roles women take were meant for them has made fewer women interested in science and technology including inventions, since, they cannot see themselves taking up job positions that mostly fit the male gender and striving at the same time.

Kudos is given to women who have awakened the giant within them and has taken a walk into the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields and have shown remarkable/tremendous skills and competency in these fields. They are our role models; our inspiration and our source of encouragement. Their participation in the advancement of technology has proven beyond reasonable doubts that women are gifted in those areas where men are mostly found too.

Women in Tech: Joy Buolamwini & Jasmine Anteunis

To have some influence over a particular matter, one has to be deeply rooted in the knowledge of that thing, for women, theirs is a case of technology. This has been proven by their insatiable desire to be part of the revolution that comes with technological knowledge, experience, expertise, and advancement. The culmination of the knowledge of inventing gadgets and devices that shakes the world and turns humanity into a more sophisticated entity can be better achieved if the lacuna in gender appreciation doesn’t persist in the field of tech.

Our dreams of having improved health care, for instance, can be best handled by women since from time past, women were solely responsible for the welfare of the children and that included their health. With such an experience, they are in a better position to replay the feeling of being well again just because mum knew which medications to give. We know that it is the one who wears the shoes that knows where it hurts, health challenges exclusively experienced by women, can best be solved by their female counterparts who are in science and technology field, especially in the manufacture of instruments, equipment, and gadgets specifically designed to solve or aid in solving these problems.

Anyone who is looking for growth in career should pay attention to the women who have made their way to tech fields, they are compatible and diversity has proven to be effective strategies for problem-solving in any business and organization. Bombarding ideas from different point of views helps the growth in business, because different persons have had different outlook on life and different experiences too, this can be applied in the tech field as women have different experiences in life as compared to men, yes, women’s roles in the tech world cannot be overemphasized since they are capable of bringing ideas for the betterment of the world at large.

Saddling the rein of the horse of tech by women will further improve the level of respect accorded them by their fellow women including men and aspiring technologists. Their status quo will change because of their interest in STEM-related areas, as earlier stated. As a matter of fact and in the urgency of the moment, involving women in the planning and execution of technological solutions to the world’s problems is a sine qua non in achieving global peace, stability and all-round civilization. 

Tech-innovation (technologically based innovation and invention) driven by women will improve the working conditions of their fellow women especially in areas like washing, cooking, children’s welfare, improved technology to help mothers encourage their children to love learning and education, as well as technology product that safeguards and secure young toddlers from home-related accidents and harm, also having the welfare of their husbands in mind, gadgets that helps press dad’s work outfits, ones that help them wake up refreshed, renewed and ready for a new day which will help them function effectively in their different offices is a plus to the women who have their husbands’ interest at heart.