The desire of Ettore Bugatti in far back 1922 to give Roland Ettore, his four year old son a present which earned him a spot in “best dad ever”, Bugatti designed an electric half scale model of the type 35 race car.

Many years later, the automobile company, Bugatti is bringing back to life the Baby model with an upgraded version called Baby11.

The first version of the Baby11 was revealed with a 3D-printed mock- up last year and the 500 cars on which it was run on were sold almost immediately.

This beauty comes in three versions: a composite body, a part constructed of carbon fiber and one made with hand-crafted aluminum body.

The scale of Baby 11 has been increased by 25% more than it’s prototype whose scale was 50 percent. The increased scale makes Baby11 to be able to contain an adult behind the wheel. Baby 11 would come with driving options of 4 kw for adult mode which could be increased to 45km/h and 1kw-20km/h for child mode. It weighs 230kg and has a battery of 1.4kwh or 2.8kwh that covers a distance of about 19 miles

This car would be sold for about E30,000 or $33,000 and it’s production would commence in 2020, but will only be owned by those who have pre-ordered