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User Interface and detailed policies for COVID-19 (including sample code) released by Tech Giants for exposure-notification apps

Apple and Google Have Been Providing additional funds for programmers dealing with the very first version of the Exposure Notification API, the development tools that the businesses have established and are taking care of to deliver a cross-platform solution of community health agencies to inform individuals of potential vulnerability to an individual who has a confirmed instance of COVID-19.

Apple and Google renamed by the”Contact Tracing API” to accurately reflect its real use and intention, have been launched to developers a week together side beta upgrades of i-OS and Xcode. Now, Apple and Google are providing new sample tools for programmers, such as UI resources, and sample code to both i-OS and Android. All these were created as starting points that programmers focusing with respect to community health agencies may utilize to jump-start their program development procedure. Both firms Also Have published new coverages that any Programmers dealing using the API must stick to receive their programs approved for usage.

These contain the following prerequisites: They Have to be made by or to its usage of a formal Government public health jurisdiction and so they could simply be properly used to react to COVID-19. They want to request the approval of an individual to use the API earlier it might be properly used. They need a consumer’s permission to talk about some favorable evaluation Result before broadcasting such info with the general health authority operating this program. They ought to just collect the minimum Quantity of information necessary For vulnerability notification and may utilize that merely for the interest of COVID-19 answer.

To put it differently, these programs are specifically prohibited from making use of your advice for advertisements or other functions. They can not get or perhaps Look for consent to get an Apparatus’s Location Services, that offers specific geolocation data.

Google and Apple note that programs already accessible public health jurisdictions that use location data will last to be available, however, no programs which use the info may have access to this brand new degradation Notification API. There can only be a single program per state, that can be designed to Stay away from fragmentation and so encourage efficiency, though Apple and Google say that in case a nation is depending upon a regional or state-based strategy, they truly are eager to work together with governments to encourage these in the most useful method possible. Meaning if a state informs Apple it’s going State by State using various programs, it’s going unlock the power for a number of programs to seem inside that nation’s store, also it could make use of the flexibility when it comes to whether the vulnerability notification mechanisms within each nation work across another. The firms state They’re going to last the speed of upgrades released for his or her applications and applications development kits at the progress of sending that the people version of this API to consumers starting later this season.

Apple and Google had targeted”mid-May” to its consumer-facing release of this API, using an ultimate intend to discharge vulnerability notification because of system-level features by sometime after this season. You can Have a Look at the sample UI tools for both Platforms under, that offer a notion about exactly what alarms, settings displays, and more can look just like within the programs as soon as they are readily available. Obviously, the unique programs will still vary based were general health jurisdiction (or even a programmer working in their benefit ) is making the program.

Apple and Google awoke with this unprecedented joint Work In reaction to outreach by several people health authorities that were
focusing on developing their contact tracing program, also desired accessibility to certain facets of i-OS, and also Android to produce those functions. The businesses chose to collaborate with a regular depending on using blue tooth identifiers, maybe not geolocation data, like an easy means to protect user individuality, and make sure that the machine may work in a number of surroundings, including inside where geo-location satellite services are all inaccessible. Health governments also can require that consumers enter a Unique code attached to this evaluation that they required, that may help them guarantee favorable answers have been originating from verified, accredited evaluations instead of possibly only self-reported or reported dependent on carrying a test which was not approved by a health authority for COVID-19 investigation.

It is very important to note that the sample mention Software offered by both Google and Apple aren’t ever planning to Be accessible to users; they truly are only for programmers, however, the businesses are Making them accessible in their entirety, for example with their entire source code, To programmers to assist them along with their efforts to create programs to assist them with their efforts to build apps to respond to COVID-19 promptly

The Infinite Shelf-Space Effect

The business strategy known as the Long Tail is found in Media and Entertainment (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes), Physical Goods (eBay), Advertising (Google), Banking (Grameen Bank) and the concept is used to explain and justify the focus on the essence of small niche players.

The difference between Niche and Hits is that when something is a hit, it means that many people like it, i.e., it is selling very well, while a niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its particular requirements, customers, and products.

Niches as explained by Chris Anderson in 2004, can be sold at full price partially due to the scarcity of the goods thereby allowing companies to make significant profits.
Hits, on the other hand, is described to have relatively low profit due to the high cost of set-ups and the high rate of failure, consequently, hits tend to be sold at a lower price or a discount price because of the competitive nature of the retailers.

It is therefore conceivable that companies can make more profit from low unit sales of a relatively unknown product (at a high profit per unit), instead of only selling several items at a reduced price.

The benefits of running a niche company are much, once the company decides to remain a niche company instead of spreading out its wings, the organization can layout short and long-term goals and plans which will enhance clear objectives. Intensity defeats ex-tensity all the time! Concentrating your marketing strategy at their strongest point conserves forces and energies, this is because more is gained by finding a rich mine and mining it deeper than flitting from one shallow mine to another.

The ability of a niche company to concentrate on its area of specialization enhances market penetration, as it leverages a firm’s existing resources and capabilities.

Also, having a plan to develop sales relationships with larger customers, to encourage smaller customers to become larger ones as well as a plan for finding new customers plays an important role in the penetration of the market.

The idea of squeezing the lemon and extracting maximum juice is about getting close to your customers, knowing about them and their business so well that you can anticipate what they might need from you.

The tactics here include, cross-selling, up-selling, increase in usage rate, winning a bigger share of your customer’s spend on your products and asking for referrals. All of these tactics depend on identifying and truly understanding the specific set of customers to whom your product delivers distinctive benefits.

To maintain a good profit margin, your products should have something valuable to your customers especially something they can’t get from someone else and they will be prepared to pay for your product which in turn helps you avoid competing for price.

The single-mindedness of purpose, total concentration on your customers, and the use of these qualities in your business will find its mark on the market every time and overwhelm your competitors.

The message is prize intensity more than extensity, go deep before going broad.

Another benefit of running a niche company is that over time, a niche company can develop a reputation for its work in a given field. A niche company positions itself as a leader and expert in the field due to this reputation. Niche companies, therefore focus on doing one thing well rather than doing many things only adequately. Once their reputation is unassailable, they can intimate and win at all times.

Their solid reputation increases their presence and exaggerates their strength without them having to expend much energy; it also creates an aura around them that instills respect.

The infinite-shelf space allows the business to blossom using the internet as a tool to draw customers to their products and services.

As A Lady

Women in tech
Women in tech

As a lady, why would l want to be in tech?

Growing up in a society where females are considered princesses, in a way that our parents filled our rooms with lots of Disney princess idols and we played around with them imagining life full of fantasies and paradise has had a tremendous effect on us and the society. While the boys get to play with toy guns, nutcrackers, machines, airplanes, cars and a lot more. Their childhood seeming more fun than ours because they had varieties of play toys and were never bored. Their energy revolved around being able to play commandants and command armies of soldiers with imaginary board rooms and war fields and enemy camps etc. Subsequently, these energy is transformed into reality, when they tend to take up careers in science, technology with a knack for calculations, arithmetic, puzzle-solving, and problem-solving abilities, they have absolutely walked their way into these fields due to the pieces of training they received as young boys.

Women are mostly found in medical sciences, journalism, nutrition units, fashion designing, music, arts, painting and any other feminine field that is less complex. To some extent, their belief that these roles women take were meant for them has made fewer women interested in science and technology including inventions, since, they cannot see themselves taking up job positions that mostly fit the male gender and striving at the same time.

Kudos is given to women who have awakened the giant within them and has taken a walk into the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields and have shown remarkable/tremendous skills and competency in these fields. They are our role models; our inspiration and our source of encouragement. Their participation in the advancement of technology has proven beyond reasonable doubts that women are gifted in those areas where men are mostly found too.

Women in Tech: Joy Buolamwini & Jasmine Anteunis

To have some influence over a particular matter, one has to be deeply rooted in the knowledge of that thing, for women, theirs is a case of technology. This has been proven by their insatiable desire to be part of the revolution that comes with technological knowledge, experience, expertise, and advancement. The culmination of the knowledge of inventing gadgets and devices that shakes the world and turns humanity into a more sophisticated entity can be better achieved if the lacuna in gender appreciation doesn’t persist in the field of tech.

Our dreams of having improved health care, for instance, can be best handled by women since from time past, women were solely responsible for the welfare of the children and that included their health. With such an experience, they are in a better position to replay the feeling of being well again just because mum knew which medications to give. We know that it is the one who wears the shoes that knows where it hurts, health challenges exclusively experienced by women, can best be solved by their female counterparts who are in science and technology field, especially in the manufacture of instruments, equipment, and gadgets specifically designed to solve or aid in solving these problems.

Anyone who is looking for growth in career should pay attention to the women who have made their way to tech fields, they are compatible and diversity has proven to be effective strategies for problem-solving in any business and organization. Bombarding ideas from different point of views helps the growth in business, because different persons have had different outlook on life and different experiences too, this can be applied in the tech field as women have different experiences in life as compared to men, yes, women’s roles in the tech world cannot be overemphasized since they are capable of bringing ideas for the betterment of the world at large.

Saddling the rein of the horse of tech by women will further improve the level of respect accorded them by their fellow women including men and aspiring technologists. Their status quo will change because of their interest in STEM-related areas, as earlier stated. As a matter of fact and in the urgency of the moment, involving women in the planning and execution of technological solutions to the world’s problems is a sine qua non in achieving global peace, stability and all-round civilization. 

Tech-innovation (technologically based innovation and invention) driven by women will improve the working conditions of their fellow women especially in areas like washing, cooking, children’s welfare, improved technology to help mothers encourage their children to love learning and education, as well as technology product that safeguards and secure young toddlers from home-related accidents and harm, also having the welfare of their husbands in mind, gadgets that helps press dad’s work outfits, ones that help them wake up refreshed, renewed and ready for a new day which will help them function effectively in their different offices is a plus to the women who have their husbands’ interest at heart.

The End of the World: Robots & Artificial Intelligence


Throughout science fiction, Robot rebellion has been a major theme. From Avengers, Captain Marvel, Star Wars, Guardian of the Galaxy, to Avatar, Iron Man, The Matrix, as well as The Terminators, our visuals about robots revolves around the various scenes we watch on screen. As children, we marvel at the supernatural prowess of the heroes in these movies. Interestingly, we try to behave like them subconsciously.

The presence of robots will help students learn at their own pace, with facial analysis gauging the emotions of students to determine who is striving, struggling or bored and better tailor the experience to their individual needs. At home, they will follow instructions and run our washing machines, do simple cooking tasks. In the office, robots might listen to the voice and recognize and comprehend various sounds and instructions, and carry out simple tasks. The role robots will play will also be found in healthcare, where they can understand a patient’s condition, diagnose their symptoms, provide initial first aid and set up further meetings with doctors, which will create a more personalized patient experience. The fun part of their presence will be their ability to play games and interact with us.

However, we can never truly bet on stability and lasting order, for as long as we have people who in favor of this revolution, there will also be those who are not in support. So, there will be groups of individuals who will decide to will the power of our new-found technology in the wrong way. They will also be those who resist change and transformation. Some of them are hackers, members of powerful gangs who steal proprietary algorithms from AI systems, then dash back to their holes to risk being detected by the security forces. Others will be acting Robin Hood and smuggling medicine to religious families who want to live away from AI but also want to save the lives of their children. They will also be places that don’t trust the devices they created and will be vulnerable to the negative effects.

Read Also: Christains, Bible and Technology

But what if the detrimental effect of our decision to pretend to be gods will come not from humans but the robots themselves? The machines we created beginning to figure out that the only real threat to their existence is their masters, the blood and bones masters who are constantly becoming a pain in the neck, hacking at the AI, always needing to be fed, needing emotional stability. So, they finally learn to eliminate any threat to their rule, an AI that was trained to liquidate resistance might have any reason to act even if this resistance comes from the leaders themselves.

If the goal of a super-intelligent AI doesn’t align with ours, we have a problem. Because AI having the potential to become more intelligent than any human doesn’t give us the benefit of doubts that they won’t turn against us in the nearest future. People now control the planet, because we’re the smartest, if we are no longer the smartest, are we assured to remain in control?

Google’s update to ARCore to be released soon

Google in recent time has silently been working to improve its Augmeneted Reality platform. ARCore was offficialy launched by Google in the first half of 2018. The company stated that it was ready to make available its newest upgrades to the platform making its depth detection and physics as well as its Augmented Reality experiences more realistic.

The upgrade is reported to grant developers the ability to perform what is known as occlusion. This can be achieved by the platforms all-new Depth API. Occlusion in this context means hiding of artificial object from view by real-world objects. An example is a virtual cat hidden from view when the camera is angled in a way that a table stands between.

Google reported that all the optimization has been achieved by existing software which does not need any phone with a particular type of processor or sensor. The tech giant stated that phones which support ARCore will be able to access the new features.

A demo video of occlusion had been released byPokémon Go creator Niantic. The video which was posted in July 2018 featured a virtual pikachu running around in an urban pizza and blending effortlessly with the environment. This was just a video and no actual operation in real time or device has been seen.

The updates will be made available starting from today in the home design app Houzz, as well as Google’s own AR in search feature.

Canada Government Jobs

Firm Kind: Non-profit
Measurement: 200 + Workers
Firm Identify: Canadian Authorities

Pilimmaksaivik (on behalf of varied different Federal departments and businesses in Nunavut) in partnership with the Public Service Fee of Canada
Jobs positioned in numerous communities throughout the Nunavut Territory, akin to: Iqaluit, Cambridge Bay, Rankin Inlet, Naujaat, Resolute Bay, and extra.

Wage ranges for Authorities of Canada positions can be from $47,729 to $140,700. The wage will rely upon the place being staffed.

Be taught extra about Inuit recruitment

Deadline: 8th August 2021 – 23:59, Pacific Time
Who can apply: Individuals residing in Canada and Canadian residents residing overseas.

Apply on-line

Essential messages:

Once you apply to this choice course of, you aren’t making use of for a selected job, however to a list for future vacancies. As positions develop into obtainable, candidates who meet the {qualifications} could also be contacted for additional evaluation.Nunavut Inuit (beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claims Settlement) can be thought of forward of different candidates (together with individuals with precedence entitlement and Veterans).

This stock could also be utilized by numerous Federal departments and Businesses in Nunavut, akin to:

Canadian Northern Financial Growth Company
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (together with Canadian Coast Guard)
Surroundings and Local weather Change Canada
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Pure Sources Canada
Parks Canada
Polar Information Canada
Public Prosecutions Providers Canada
Public Providers and Procurement Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Service Canada
And extra!

Essential monetary info:

Profitable candidates could also be eligible for employees housing and the reimbursement of relocation prices.
Remoted Put up Allowances (Northern Allowance) vary from $19,000 to $31,000, which relies on if the worker has dependents or is occupying employees housing.

Trip Journey Help is offered twice a yr for every eligible member of the family.
When you’ve got a query, or, if you’re unable to submit an utility on-line, it will possibly both be dropped off in-person, emailed or faxed to:

Pilimmaksaivik (Federal Centre of Excellence for Inuit Employment in Nunavut)
third Flooring, 1106 Allavvik Constructing
Iqaluit, Nunavut
PHONE: 1-833-836-3457 (TOLL FREE)
FAX: 867-975-4528
EMAIL: [email protected]

Please guarantee to obviously quote the choice course of quantity: 18-PSC-NUNAVUT-PSWP

Work setting

On the Authorities of Canada, we imagine an amazing profession combines ardour with ability, consists of difficult alternatives, takes place in a welcoming work setting and maintains a optimistic work life steadiness.

The Authorities of Canada is dedicated to constructing a consultant public service and has quite a few profession alternatives to fulfill the pursuits of Nunavut Inuit.

This course of is designed to employees quite a lot of positions. Profession alternatives in Nunavut embrace:

Workplace Administration (Clerical, Administrative help, and so on.)
Undertaking and Program Administration
Environmental (Enforcement, Technical, Scientific, and so on.)
Human Sources
Enterprise and Finance
Government and Administration
Regulation and Authorized help
Coverage Analysts and Advisors
And extra!

Intent of the method

The Authorities of Canada is trying to recruit Nunavut Inuit for positions based mostly in Nunavut.

This stock can be managed by Pilimmaksaivik (Federal Centre of Excellence for Inuit Employment in Nunavut) in partnership with the Public Service Fee of Canada (PSC).

Positions to be stuffed: Quantity to be decided

Data you will need to present:

Your résumé.

You will need to meet all important {qualifications} in an effort to be appointed to the place. Different {qualifications} could also be a deciding think about selecting the individual to be appointed. Some important and different {qualifications} can be assessed via your utility. It’s your accountability to offer applicable examples that illustrate the way you meet every qualification. Failing to take action may end in your utility being rejected.

The next can be utilized / assessed at a later date (important for the job)

Varied language necessities

Data on language necessities

Information of Inuit tradition, society and values.

The next could also be utilized / assessed at a later date (could also be wanted for the job)

Fluency within the official languages of Nunavut (i.e. Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun)

Organizational Wants:
In help of the Nunavut Settlement, Nunavut Inuit can be chosen for appointment for positions positioned in Nunavut forward of all others (together with individuals with precedence entitlement and Veterans).

Different info

The Public Service of Canada is dedicated to constructing a talented, numerous workforce reflective of Canadian society. Because of this, it promotes employment fairness and encourages candidates to point voluntarily on their utility if they’re a lady, an Aboriginal individual, an individual with a incapacity or a member of a visual minority group.

The Public Service of Canada can also be dedicated to growing inclusive, barrier-free choice processes and work environments. If contacted in relation to a job alternative or testing, it is best to advise the Public Service Fee or the departmental official in a well timed style of the lodging measures which should be taken to allow you to be assessed in a good and equitable method. Data acquired regarding lodging measures can be addressed confidentially.


Desire can be given to veterans and to Canadian residents, in that order.

Data on the choice to veterans

Apply Now

New factory construction by Lucid Motors begins in Arizona

Lucid Motors, an Arizona based car manufacturing company, is breaking ground through its manufacturing facility. The facility will be used to build the Lucid Motor Lucid Air electric sedan. As reported by the company, production in the facility will begin later in 2020.

The company is striving to use this as an avenue to push the Lucid Air into the streets. Peter Hochholdinger was hired in the first few month of 2019 to head Lucid Motors manufacturing operations. Hochholdinger had been a senior director of production at Audi before moving to Tesla for a two-year work period.

Lucid Motors in September, had secured a $1 billion via Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The company had stated that the fund will be used to financially push the launch of the Lucid Air. $700 million will be invested by Lucid Motors into the Casa Grande factory.

Petr Rawlinson who is the CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors stated that:

“The Lucid Air is a cutting-edge electric vehicle designed, engineered, and destined for manufacture entirely in America, we are proud to be moving forward on our commitment to manufacturing the Lucid Air in Casa Grande. With supportive investors, an outstanding team of designers and engineers, and a product strategy that extends well beyond the Air, we expect today to be just the start of a longstanding presence in this dynamic city.”

The new manufacturing facility built by Lucid Motors has been reported to create at least 4,800 jobs, both direct and indirect. Lucid Motors stated the factors that influenced its choice are location, business climate, infrastructure, talent, and the states supply chain.

Lucid Motors was founded in 2009 under the name of Atieva and focused on the production of electric car battery technology. In 2016 the company changed its name and shifted to the production of electric vehicles.

Underwater fiber optic cable to be used as seismographs

One of the most important task in the world today is monitoring seismic activity. In the middle of the ocean, equipment requirement may present a difficult problem. A research from Berkeley has proven invaluable. The research shows how existing undersea fiber optic cables can be turned into a network of seismographs, which will offer a crystal clear view of the Earth’s tectonic movements.

An important point to note is that Seismologist obtain their data from instruments readily available on land. This thus throws up the point that seismic activity has been restricted to a smaller portion of the Earth’s vast surface.

In an explanation by lead study author, Nathaniel Lindsey,

“There is a huge need for seafloor seismology. Any instrumentation you get out into the ocean, even if it is only for the first 50 kilometers from shore, will be very useful.”

The reason behind this slack is that it is very difficult to locate, maintain and continually have access to such precision instrument whose relevance is in maintaining prolonged seismic activity underwater. We could consider other alternative as well, say, the availability of instruments underwater just waiting to be used. Lead study author Nathaniel Lindsey and his colleagues had proposed this idea of making use of underwater fiber optic cables.

As with fiber optic cables, this one as well carries data over distance of varying length. It may well be the internet’s backbone or on a smaller scale, a private network’s. These fiber optic cables uses light which may scatter due to a shift or change in orientation of the cable.

A careful monitoring of what some people may term as a “backscatter” phenomenon, the shift in the cable can be easily accessed and re-oriented in the right position. This thus has presented researchers with the ability to locate seismic activity with the highest accuracy possible.

The term given to the above technique is “Distributed Acoustic Sensing”. In this technique, the fiber optic cable is being treated as motion sensors ranging in thousands.

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin of Berkeley National Lab stated that:

“This is really a study on the frontier of seismology, the first time anyone has used offshore fiber-optic cables for looking at these types of oceanographic signals or for imaging fault structures.”

In concluding the research, it will be of utmost important that larger active cables can become of service as research instruments which will without doubt open up a window of opportunities which have eluded seismologist for long.

Joint report shows Amazon avoided workplace safety regulators for years

In an investigation that has recently surfaced, Amazon is said to have consistently avoided workplace safety regulators for four years starting in 2015. This eye opening investigation which propelled a joint report as published in The Atlantic and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting is without doubt a demanding and worthy read. The investigation compiles multiple safety failings spanning over a number of Amazon’s US warehouses, including the company’s attempt in reducing the number of reported injuries. In one scenario, it was alleged that investigators had tried to reduce the company’s liability as per the death that occurred in one of its warehouses.

Below is the an excerpt of how the report explains Amazon attempts to restrict injury log sharing between warehouses by employees:

In at least a dozen cases, Amazon either ignored these employee requests or provided only partial records, in apparent violation of federal regulations. Amazon told some workers that they were entitled only to the records for the time period they worked there; an OSHA spokesperson, Kimberly Darby, said that’s incorrect. And when Amazon did provide records, warehouse managers used identical language to call them confidential and request they be kept secret. Yet OSHA guidance says, and Darby confirmed, that employers are not allowed to restrict workers from sharing the records. Some workers said they felt intimidated by the notice, fearing they might get sued by Amazon for sharing the records with a news organization.

Moreover, the records may lack accuracy in the past few years. As reported by The Atlantic, past safety managers have claimed that Amazon’s policy had attempted reduce the amount of injuries reported before the year 2015.

A more condemning part of the report is one that alludes to OSHA investigator, John Stallone, who had been told by his superiors that his probe into a death case at an Amazon store might be manipulated to an extent that an employee would be blamed for the death.

As believed by the investigator, Amazon had failed as a company in offering sufficient training to its employees. John Stallone claims that afterwards, he was invited for a meeting with Indiana’s Labor Commissioner. He was told to shelve the case in order to prevent a change of plan of Amazon building its second headquarters in Indiana.

On reading the official record, it is seen that an employee is eventually blamed for the death. Amazon as well did not make the choice of locating an headquarters in Indiana.

Elon Musk unveils Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the electric motor company, disclosed Thursday evening the futuristic and brutalist Tesla Cybertruck which would look perfectly at home on Martian ground.

The truck was unveiled by Musk himself at the company’s Design Centre in Hawthorne, California. The crowd were stunned by the truck’s design and body which is made of cold-rolled steel and armored glass.

At the unveiling, some people were disappointed voicing their concern that the truck was not a marketable one. Others cheered and hooted, visibly stunned by what they beheld. The euphoria in the crowd soon escalated as soon as Elon Musk started going through the specifications, beginning from the body and ending at the price. The crowd went haywire as an All-Terrain Vehicle graced the stage.

Minutes later, invited guests stood in line, ready for a two-minute ride in the truck from a post-apocalyptic era. It is a matter of time for the guest and those watching on the internet to decide if it was time for them to buy the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla has announced its offering of three forms of the Cybertruck. The first and cheapest, a single motor and rear-wheel drive model will go for $39,900 with a driving range of 250 miles and a towing capacity of about 7,500 pounds. The second in the list will be a dual-motor- all-wheel drive whose single charge will give a driving range of more than 300 miles and a towing capacity of more than 10,000 pounds. The price of this cybertruck is $49,000.

Finally,the third and last form of the cybertruck also called “tri motor” will have an all-wheel drive and three electric motors with driving range of more than 500 miles and a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. Next is the price which is stated to be $69,900.

Elon Musk praised how great the cybertruck’s acceleration is. He showed a video of of the Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911. He stated that the “tri motor” can travel from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 2.9 seconds and boasted of a 0 to 60 mph acceleration of less than 6.5 seconds.

Musk had always fantasized about producing an all-electric pick up truck for sometime now. He had discussed the idea in December 2018 stating that there may be a prototype to be unveiled this year.

Facebook introduces Stories to its Dating platform

Facebook in a bid to spread its Stories product, has introduced the feature to Facebook Dating users. Users on the platform can share their Instagram or Facebook stories on the dating platform as a way of bringing them closer to current matches or potential matches.

It is important to note that Daters will be unable to capture content from the dating platform directly, but can choose what contents to share from the platform as well as post from Instagram or Facebook.

As explained by Charmaine Hung, product manager on Stories for Facebook Dating, the purpose of introducing the Stories feature to the dating platform is to help Daters have a better understanding of the people they are interested in, simultaneously confirming their humanity.

Users from the Facebook Dating platform can choose to link their Instagram profiles to their Facebook Dating profiles so as to help other Daters know more about them.

Twitter ”Hide Replies” feature out to a global audience

Twitter on this day made an announcement pertaining to the new feature of hiding replies which will be opened to to a global audience today. The feature is one of the biggest thing on Twitter after the introduction of the Retweet feature.

This feature is designed to give the Twitter user complete control over replies to his or her tweet. This feature has been Twitter’s more controversial features since its start. Though the feature does not let any replies to be deleted, it only lets user to hide replies. With this features, harsh replies to tweets and other disagreement can easily be minimized.

The moral behind the feature is that online civility is promoted due to the fact that people who are aware of this feature will minimize disrespect.

The feature as well has its downside. It may also serve as a means of silencing critics and fact dispute.

The feature is reported to have been tested in Canada in July as well as in the U. S. and Japan last month on both web and mobile.

At the launch of the feature, Twitter got insights on how users made use of it such as hiding replies the find annoying, irrelevant or off-topic instead of using harsher features such as block or mute.

Users have reported that though hiding replies that are irrelevant, they were also afraid of retaliation because the icon remains visible. Twitter are still considering how to rectify this.

Another downside of the feature as reported by users is the large number of notifications they got when a tweet with hidden replies was encountered.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere to pass on the baton of leadership

John Legere

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, who has spent seven years on the hot seat will be stepping down.

The good news is that the current company president, Mike Sievert has been honored by the enigmatic executive as a replacement come end of April. This was given in announcement by T-Mobile on Monday morning. John Legere will as well become an active member of the company’s board who had previously participated in the formulation of a succession plan.

John Legere has remained the prominent face of T-Mobile on the grounds of its”Un-carrier” initiative. The campaign was launched in 2013 and has aimed at making the carrier achieve a little user-friendly attribute than most of its competitors. The campaign justifies removal of complimentary subscription to Netflix as well as surprise top-up fees in bills.

The legendary CEO had been a driving force in the acquisition of Sprint which has long been in a fight for regulatory approval from the U.S. government.

Through out last week, the rumour of Legere’s departure had been all over, with some pointing out that Legere may succeed outgoing WeWork CEO Adam Neumann

CyCognito raises $23 million in its Series A funding

The cybersecurity platform, CyCognito, whose purpose is to shed light on weak spots of a company’s security, has been able to raise the sum of $23 million in the first round of its Series A funding.

The fundraise was headed by Lightspeed Partners who opened up the fundraise with $18 million with a personal investment from John Thompson, a Lightspeed venture partner and a former chairperson at Microsoft. Sorenson Ventures were also in participation. Existing investors in the startup also put in $5 million, UpWest and Dan Scheiman inclusive.

The cybersecurity platform has stated that its software-as-a-service platform is able to

“autonomously discover, enumerate, and prioritize each organization’s security risks based upon a global analysis of all external attack surfaces.”


With this in mind, it is conclusive to say that the platform is able to measure an entire attack surface (I.e holes and flaws) of a company. This omniscient nature is achieved by maintaining thousands of bot crawling over the internet aimed at active and unsecured devices. The database of the platform which is replete with such digital assets will thus enable them to be knowledgeable on the grounds of attacks.

The platform boast of a few dozen users across corporate firms, healthcare and financial verticals. With the money from the funding, the startup has planned to widen its horizon to reach more enterprise clients through its engineering and sales team.

Huawei’s Mate X launched and on sale in China

The long awaited Huawei foldable phone, Mate X whose release date had been shifted for unspecified reason has been launch in China and is already on sale in the People’s Republic. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is the first major foldable to grace the market followed by Huawei’s Mate X.

A differing feature of Huawei’s Mate X from other foldables is its folding which is on the “outside”. Taking Motorola Razr or Galaxy Fold as an example, the foldables have their folding screen on the “inside”.

 The specifications for the new foldable include an 8-inch OLED display which folds externally to give a 6.6-inch main display and a 6.38-inch back display, a 4500mAh battery capacity which is split between the two halves of the phone, a 55W quick charge and is also equipped with 5G which is enabled by Huawei’s Balong 5000 modem.

After the specs comes the price. Huawei has kept the price of the phone at a whooping $2,400. The phone is available for purchase on Vmall, Huawei’s online store in China.

TikTok delves into social e-commerce

The now trending short-form video app, TikTok, has delved into commerce. The app grants users the privilege of linking e-commerce sites to their profile on the video app. The app has as well extended the ability to let content creators send their followers/viewers to websites featuring activities such as shopping.

In an announcement made by the company, it stated that the new features are aimed at making the app more user-friendly, i.e improving user experience while using the app.

One of TikTok’s owner and a spokesperson for ByteDance explained that:

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our users. Ultimately, we’re focused on ways to inspire creativity, bring joy, and add value for our community.

Fabian Bern, founder of Uplab an influencer Chinese startup, had first noticed the new features and immediately took to the social networking platform Twitter to share his view of the benefits which the new feature offers.

Twitter and Instagram have long allowed this feature whereby users may attach a URL linking their bio to the third-party site. A bunch of influencer on the social networking platforms have used this functionality to promote whatever cause it is the support, from news to fashion and a few others.

According to popular belief, if the feature is retained in the short-form video app, the face of social e-commerce will take on a new look. In recent time, other social networking platforms have had the shopping feature implemented a long time ago, an example is the chinese social networking platform QQ.

TikTok which has become a popular and influential player in China, India and Southeast Asia market has without doubt distorted the e-commerce market for such traditional players like Amazon.

Facebook adds a donation button to help nonprofit organizations.

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest social network has finally launched three new product features in a bid to expand fundraising throughout its platforms. The features include a fundraising sticker in Facebook as well as a donation button in Instagram. In addition to this, Facebook has decided to spread fundraising to its gaming live streams.

According to popular belief, the donation button on Instagram may generate more donations. Instagram profiles of non-profit organizations will be opportune to add a donation button and their phone number which will be displayed permanently.

On the Facebook platform, donation stickers can be added to Stories. A more interesting feature is that associated with Facebook’s gaming charity live streams. The streamer/gamer is able to select a “cause” and immediately request viewers to donate money to said “cause” as the watch the live stream. The Streamer may as well send out individual shout out to users contributing to the cause.

Instagram expands the test for hiding likes count globally

The social network, Instagram, had rolled out a test of hiding like counts on user posts in a total of seven countries. In an announcement today, Instagram stated its decision to expand the feature to a global audience. This comes after the social network had decided to test the feature in the U.S.

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In the earlier post, Instagram accounts chosen for the test will be unable to view like counts on other users posts, save the fact that they will see like counts related to their post. This is confirmed in a tweet by the Social Network company.

Facebook is as well testing out the same feature in Australia.

Google installs and test Curie, its third private cable

The tech giant, Google, has announced it’s completion, installing and testing inclusive, of its private cable, Curie. In the announcement, Google stated that the private cable connects the U.S to Chile and the cable turns out to be the tech giant’s third private cable. Preceding this has been the announcement of two other private cable which are Dunant which is set to connect the U. S to Europe, and Equaino which will connect Portugal to South Africa. The team at Google are working towards joining the cable to its own network. Curie is set to go online in the second quarter of 2020.

In the announcement, the company stated that:

“Once operational, this branch will enhance connectivity and bandwidth to Central America, and increase our ability to connect to other networks in the region, providing resiliency to our global cloud infrastructure” .

Google has stated that the private cable will have a Panama branch, thus uniting its work with SubCom, an engineering firm which had aided in the building of the remaining part of the cable.

Google explained that the greatest benefit it gets from working with the various technology firms is its control over all the resources associated with the cable.

Realme surpasses Samsung in the Indian Smartphone market

The Indian smartphone market has seen an increase in the amount of “Realme Devices” shipped in, in the third quarter of 2019. The brand’s share in the market increased to 14.3 percent more than 400 percent year-on-year shipments based on the report by figures from IDC. The brand is a subsidiary of Oppo and had recorded a boost of 3.1 percent when it had started the previous year. Figures from IDC points that a record total of 46.6 million smartphones were shipped in India by competing companies, Realme brand inclusive.

Competing companies in the Indian market include the following: Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi.

The percentage of shares held by the companies in the Indian smartphone market are 11.8 percent increase, 15.2 percent increase, 27.1 percent decrease respectively. It is pertinent to note that the brands Vivo, Realme, and Oppo have shared owneship by BBK Electonics and are perhaps the biggest vendors in India.

Samsung has been a big loser in the market with a decline of about 8.5 percent on shipments year on year and a decrease from 22.6 percent to 18.9 percent in market shares.

The Realme brand has become a major force in the Indian smartphone market. By units of shipment, Xiaomi made 12.6 million units shipment, with a lead by Redmi 7A and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

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