Today, Technology is taking over every aspect of life. This include the social, financial, sexual, political and so on. Religion is not left out; technology has grabbed it too.

Considering the quietness required during communing with God, using the bible on our devices could be distracting as notifications could easily pop out at any time. However, there are plans for better studying the bible with bible app and making the most out of it.

Bible Study

There are also communities online that help enhance spirituality of its members. Members in this community check up with each other. Also, there are various plans depending on the area of life its members are interested in developing. These plans are detailed to include the books, chapters, and verses of the bible which makes studying the bible easier and faster.

In most churches, especially those in developing countries, members with little or no education consider the use of the bible on mobile devices dishonouring to God. This could be a challenge in advancing technology. The people who think this way should not be totally condemned as it is clear that people are easily distracted by their phones.

Phone Study

It will only take a disciplined self-controlled individual to focus only on his bible on his mobile device.

Devices are so addictive that even though it is possible to turn off notifications, it is still very tempting and distracting (especially during personal studying). Giving into this temptation could make the individual not to listen anymore to the message going on and as such get little or nothing from it.

The debate of whether the bible on phones is really a hard nut to crack. Let’s hear your suggestions. What do you think?