At Facebook, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) research team has finally made it possible to wrongly identify a subject (person) in a video. As was reported, the recognition system also works on live video, based on the fact that key-features of the subject is changed at will to fit a particular description.

As Verge had reported, the recognition system which basically de-identifiy, had mainly worked on still images.

VentureBeat also had something to say:

“Face recognition can lead to loss of privacy and face replacement technology may be misused to create misleading videos.”

The de-identification system is set to be presented in Seoul, South Korea at the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) in the coming week.

This novel development is coming precisely at the time when Facebook stand to face a class-auction lawsuit of $35 billion.

In San Francisco, a three-judge panel have bluntly refused Facebook’s plea to quash the demeaning lawsuit.