Today marks a new beginning as Firefox rolls out its Test Pilot program. The program will permit users to make do with its store of unique features before appropriate use by the consumer. On testing the new program, it is easy to note that the program varies significantly from its predecessor and focuses more on Beta Testing of products before end-user consumption. The Test Pilot Program had been shut down earlier this year but fortunately has been revived on grounds that fervent Firefox users gave good, if not positive feedback on the program. The organization thus has seen fit to bring back the Test Pilot Program.

Quoting the team,

The difference with the newly relaunched Test Pilot program is that these products and services may be outside the Firefox browser, and we will be far more polished, and just one step shy of general public release.

It is pertinent to note that the program is more or less a conventional beta test program and less of an avenue for testing out bizarre ideas flowing from the team. The Firefox team has acknowledged that the VPN is a better sample of this approach.

A quick method of making this program the first choice of users is through the Firefox Private Network which grants access to private network for users of public WiFi. This as well offers a means of shielding user location from ad trackers and websites.

Mozilla’s Marissa Wood writes today that,

One of the key learnings from recent events is that there is growing demand for privacy features.

Without further ado, Mozilla and Cloudflare partnering is underway. As is well known, Cloudflare will bring to the table proxy server.