Finally, Explorium has made enough money over the last year as a part of its funding program. The funding may be said to be quite hushed. Explorium made a healthy sum of $3.6 million in its first round and $15.5 million in its second round which took place in March of this year. The head of the first round was Emerge with support from F2 Capital. Summing up the figures from the two rounds, we have a total of $19.1 million. That’s big huh?

It was problematic to find the right kind of data for the purpose of building a workable machine learning model, the company founders said. With the discovery of this problem came the need to find the perfect solution, thus the company built a data discovery platform as an aid for data scientists.

With this development, Sholmo, CEO and co-founder says that they have partnered with a large number of data sources with the goal of sourcing the best possible data from any location for consumption by data scientist.

63 employees, scattered over offices in three locations; San Francisco and Tel Aviv, have proven to be the work engine of Explorium.