What successful people have in common is their ability to conquer the fear of failure. They feel their fear and do it anywhere. You might have had a dream to create a business or a product or work on a side hustle now or in the past. The intent was to help bring you closer to financial freedom. Also, to be able to start living the amazing life you have always imagined or wanted. If up till now, you haven’t taken any step on that dream, it might be as a result of fear. Probably fear of failing.

How do you feel about failing?

Firstly, you might feel you do not have what it takes to succeed. Secondly, you are afraid of what people will think or say about you. Nevertheless, these are all valid concerns. However, if you do not learn to conquer them or understand why they are there and try to navigate them, they will hold you back. Your fears will hold you back forever, and it’s a scary way to live.

For this writing, you’ll learn how to understand your fears, and practical ways to get over them. By the time, you are done, you’ll be ready to pursue the life that you want.

Is It bad to be fearful?

No! You have the right to feel fearful especially when you are venturing into a new business or side hustle. Notwithstanding, you need to separate your fabricated fears from real fears in your thoughts. If you intend to create any type of independent income you need to learn the difference and start facing them too.

What you have to do to conquer fear is to put yourself more in the line of your fears so you can know the difference.

What is your greatest fear?

This is different for different people, so you need to find the things that petrify you whenever you think about it. And muster up the courage to face them.

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Consider fear setting

The premise for this is to write down all of the fears that you have. Then write what the worst thing that can happen, if you proceed with it.

This will help you create a game plan that will prepare you for the worst-case scenario. When you do this, your brain will begin to see that your fears are not so scary at all.

The game plan will justify them for you in the sense that you know if something goes wrong, you have a way of pulling back your weights. It is worthy of note that 99% of the time, the fears that you have are never going to happen.

Make fear your friend

Do you know the corporate media have made so much money by keeping us in fear? This is not good for our health and prosperity.

Undoubtedly, you have to learn to bring yourself to neutral ground and get rid of the stress within your body. This is because your body and mind are two different things. You may not have fears up in your mind, but your body has some of them built up.

You need to neutralize them. So, when you learn to neutralize your fear scale, you’ll be able to hear when actual fears come up, and you will know how to deal with them, and you can learn from that emotions.

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Understand that fear is a powerful tool and when used correctly will save your life. It’s there for a reason and we need to learn to be friends with it.

Eliminate the induced fears that are in your life, by calming your nervous system down. It might interest you to know that most of the time, you are not actually in danger.

You need to take out substances that will put you in an induced fearful stage. It could be low vibration foods, corporate media stimulation, conversations with people, going into your phone before bedtime, etc.

These things create stress in your body that builds up fears. Observe when you are feeling good and when you are not feeling good. Then try to add more of the things that make you feel good to your life and gradually reduce the other ones.

Anytime you have a rush of fear coming in, sit with it, identify where it is coming from, and try to ask it some questions….. Make it your friend. This is because these emotions are there for a reason. Most people try to go around fear or try to mask it. The only way to deal with these emotions is to be there, and face them.

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