Did you know you can hack your brain and improve your financial life?

A lot of people strive to get ahead, financially. it’s quite a hard path when everything else working against you. Diverse adverts are telling you to buy this or that now and then. This makes it seem like a constant uphill battle.

In this writing, you will learn how to hack your brain. This approach will help you stop being tempted by shiny objects. Nevertheless, it will help you love the process of saving. By doing this, you can get ahead financially, alongside a prosperous future.

Why should you hack your brain?

Do you know that you are programmed to stay poor? You need concrete hacks to override the programs in your brain. It will help you fall in love with the process of saving money.

Clearly, the reason you should hack your brain is that it’s been targeted. Your brain is targeted by powerful organizations. The organization is focused on advertising and marketing endless budgets. They constantly tell you how you are supposed to think. Additionally, there is peer pressure and you can see, this environment isn’t right for your brain.

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Undoubtedly, you need to hack your brain so it can be in control of the decisions you make. In reality, you might have new habits you want to imbibe. Things just do not go as planned. Then you begin to question the reasons and you don’t seem to be able to figure it out.

Unquestionably, what went wrong is that you offer your brain to someone else. You allowed them to persuade you to act in certain ways. Most times, it is the decision that seems to make life comfortable.

Now, instead of pretending that we are invincible and untouched, we should learn the ways to get ahead. Indeed, you ought to learn how to hack your brain for your financial dreams.

Attach an emotional response to savings

As humans, we are emotionally attached, so with your finances, you should do the same. Whenever you feel like spending money on something, pause. Think or write down all the ways not spending that money at that time will benefit you. Also, write down all the bad things that will happen if you do not save.

With this, you can hack your brain to think of saving in a good and beneficial way. Connect your saving habit to all the genuine things that will happen in the future because of being financially stable.

Think of prices in terms of hours worked

Time is the most valuable thing you will have in your entire existence. For instance, if you are working on a job that pays $40/hour and you find an item that is worth $80. You can see that you need to work two hours to be able to afford that item. What you need to do is ask yourself if you are willing to go through that for that item. Oftentimes, the answer is no.

This doesn’t mean you have to hoard, you just need to have clear priority about what you are saving your money for. Also, prioritize what brings you joy and stick closer to that with your money.

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Sleep on it for 30 days

A reactionary purchase is bad for you. It not only eats your hard-earned money, but it also eats into your brain. Your mental space will be occupied with regrets for buying something you didn’t make great use of. On the other hand, if you learn to hack your brain and sleep on it for 30 days, there will be change. Without a doubt, you will notice you do not need that item.

Make saving a habit

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, and you are struggling with savings, you need to change that. You haven’t made saving a habit. You have to hack your brain to love saving. The way you can approach this always putting away a percentage of your income in a separate account. Feel the joy of watching it grow every time you add to balance. Then, never touch it except for the purpose for which it was meant.

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Ignore the increase in your income

The fact that your income level increases don’t mean you should increase your spending routines. Ignore the increase, pretend you are still living the way you used to. Send off the extra for something tangible. Invest in properties, gold, silver, S&P 500, etc. You will still be fine. Nothing is going to happen to you. This is a good option for your financial future. Go ahead and hack your brain on the ways to manage funds when there’s an increase in your income.

Be aware of the change in narrative

You have to be aware of the Social norms that are changing. This generation wants experiences and so is not wrapped up in the consumer race. We live as minimal as we can because we understand the freedom that money brings. Owning less. Living in our joy instead of working long hours for small pay. We refuse to exchange our hours for the decline in our health and mental stability.

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