Do you believe that turning your personal finance into a video game would change your life? What’s the exact thing that comes into your mind when you hear about saving and managing money? Boring, right? I agree with you. However, managing and saving money can be more fun and easier with gamification.

What is the relationship between video games and your personal finance?

Do you realize that a lot of people are slaves to gaming? It doesn’t matter how tired they are, they’ll always forget their tiredness in a hurry, once they pick up the remote and start punching a game on the screen of their TV or desktop computer.

The whole dynamic is linked to the visual format of games and the various rewards that players gain. The fact that they can track their progress visually and are often rewarded is the reason a lot of people are stuck in front of their screens. These games no matter what it is about appeal to so many people across the world. Two things, progress, and rewards make folks addicted to gaming.

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It might interest you to know that this principle can be applied to your financial life as well. Games over the years have taught each gamer to manage their resources very carefully. You will find that depending on how you manage those resources, whether, food, water, or gold, you can conquer your enemies. On the other hand, you can stay as a noob and be stuck around your village.

The basic financial principles of your personal finance are taught in videos games.

What are the ways you can turn your personal finance into a video game?

Questing it up

Every video game always has a main quest that is broken into smaller quests. These quests allow you to progress in the game through the main story. And there will always be external options and activities you can perform to get cool stuff.

Without further ado, if you want to beat the game, the idea is to follow through with the quest in the order that it’s presented to you. With each journey, you move towards completing the main quest and taking advantage of the external options too.

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Ultimately, the game gives you directions but real life doesn’t. This brings you to the point where you have to sit down and determine what it is that you want financially. If it was to be a game, what would be your next financial quests for the next few days, weeks, months, or years? What quests would you have to finish to become financially independent? What would you need to do to finally get to the end of your financial story? Which part of your lifestyle needs to be changed?

How do you make sure your financial goals are met?

All you have to do is break down those goals into smaller bits and pieces. Write down each step in the most meticulous and detailed way possible. And try to follow through with all of them. Once, you complete one, you cross those quests out on your journal.

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It’s might not be easy to sit tight and write down your bigger quest, but it’s important. This is because as time goes on, chances are, you might forget them. External missions might get in the way but what’s important is that you’ll always return to your main quest.

Reward yourself

If you have a saving goal and you follow through with it with as much commitment as possible, you’ll likely run out of motivation. On the other hand, if you reward yourself for every saving you can accomplish, you’ll be motivated to keep saving for a long period. This is also done in those games that you play, every small quest is often incentivized which keep you playing for long. Applying this to your personal finance boosts your financial morals.

Learn the consequences

Every financial decision that you make opens up more doors for you. Therefore, when you have a certain amount of money, try to analyze the various things you can do with it. Look into each option with as much care as possible, and then decipher what happens if you take one option and leave the rest. The consequences will present themselves during your moment of thought, and you should choose the ones that move you closer to your financial freedom.

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Just the same way you can’t return to the beginning of a certain door you open in a game, you can’t change any of the decisions you make with how you spend your money once you do. Your money will be gone, therefore, slow down, and put in quite a good amount of thought into your spending.


Although you might follow through the ways gaming works and apply them to your finances, you are human. As a human, you have struggles, but being able to gamify even a tiny aspect of your finances will do you good. You’ll be able to make your financial goals a reality much easier. Yes, there will be mistakes, but, you’ll be able to pull through if you used the guide illustrated above.

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