It’s all over Silicon Valley. The automate voice order which supports a variety of languages and accents is set to be bought by MacDonald’s Corporation. The tech was developed by Apprente, an Israeli –founded startup. The king size fast food described the start up as

“a leader in the field of conversational voice-based technology,”

It has been explained that the breakthrough technology will allow for efficient means of ordering at MacDonald’s drive thru stations. This without doubt is a welcome development. An advantage to Apprente is that its employees will become a significant part of MacDonald’s technology team, though the terms encompassing the deal has not been made public yet, perhaps in the future.

Via qsrmagazine

So far, the startup has been invested in by AME Cloud Ventures, Greylock Partners and Morado Ventures, Pathbreaker Ventures, Point72 Ventures and StageOne Ventures. The startup have raised some money amounting to $4.8 million as reported by Crunchbase. Their office in Mountain View, California boast a limited amount of 16 workers.