In a leaked video uploaded on Twitter by one @h0x0d, Microsoft’s Cortana assistant will come preloaded with new features, new voice option which will be a male voice and an integration of the iOS Outlook app.

‘Play My Email’ is one of the new features to be added which will have Microsoft’s Cortana assistant brief you on new emails. An important improvement is that you can sort or flag conversations by the use of your voice.

A surprising new feature is the male voice option for Cortana; Microsoft’s first and a very welcome development. The uploaded video does not feature any audio thus we cannot fathom what the male voice will sound like.

A ‘Briefing mode’ has as well been added which produces a daily outline of activity marked in your calendar. A scheduling tool to add more activity in your calendar has also been implemented. A release date for these new features has not been publicized but it may be later this year as suggested in the tweet by @h0x0d.

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