A new version of Motorola’s APX radio will soon be released by Motorola Solutions. Touchscreen and voice controls will be added as support for the soon coming device. The radio will have coonectivity over LTE as well as a walkie-talkie standard LMR (Land Mobile Radio) connectivity.

A wide variety of this features have been replete in smartphones for years but an implementation of such features to First Responders must have proven very challenging. The APX radio should be able to work under different conditions, say under rain and using of hand gloves and the company, Motorola Solutions must be careful in this aspect in order not to bridge LTE connectivity with LMR connection.

It is pertinent to note that the voice capabilities of the APX radio must work in a different manner from that witnessed in smartphones.

Motorola has reported that the voice control system, ViQi, will come preloaded with the ability to aid officers to do a quick search on driver’s license information and other related details.