Lucid Motors, an Arizona based car manufacturing company, is breaking ground through its manufacturing facility. The facility will be used to build the Lucid Motor Lucid Air electric sedan. As reported by the company, production in the facility will begin later in 2020.

The company is striving to use this as an avenue to push the Lucid Air into the streets. Peter Hochholdinger was hired in the first few month of 2019 to head Lucid Motors manufacturing operations. Hochholdinger had been a senior director of production at Audi before moving to Tesla for a two-year work period.

Lucid Motors in September, had secured a $1 billion via Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The company had stated that the fund will be used to financially push the launch of the Lucid Air. $700 million will be invested by Lucid Motors into the Casa Grande factory.

Petr Rawlinson who is the CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors stated that:

“The Lucid Air is a cutting-edge electric vehicle designed, engineered, and destined for manufacture entirely in America, we are proud to be moving forward on our commitment to manufacturing the Lucid Air in Casa Grande. With supportive investors, an outstanding team of designers and engineers, and a product strategy that extends well beyond the Air, we expect today to be just the start of a longstanding presence in this dynamic city.”

The new manufacturing facility built by Lucid Motors has been reported to create at least 4,800 jobs, both direct and indirect. Lucid Motors stated the factors that influenced its choice are location, business climate, infrastructure, talent, and the states supply chain.

Lucid Motors was founded in 2009 under the name of Atieva and focused on the production of electric car battery technology. In 2016 the company changed its name and shifted to the production of electric vehicles.