This notice is posted in respect and in resolution to the message that was sent to you yesterday (13/11/2019). The message will address issues arising on the page and the confusions coming from users through their messages.

We noticed after sending the last message to you that the link attached to it was not the correct link and we sincerely apologize for whatever inconveniences that might have caused you.

We want to use this medium to inform you that the issue have been attended to and the post has also been removed from the website (that is why some of you can’t view the page/post any longer).

We have thought of ways to make up for this, a lot of options have popped out as of lately but I think it will be proper to get replies from you the type of offer you will want us to give out.

A suggestion form will be available for the next 48 hours, so as to receive your suggestions. After 48 hours, the form will be closed and the concluded suggestion will be related to you. The date to receive this offer will be related to you shortly after the closure of the form.

Kindly follow this link and fill the form so we could get your replies/suggestions on the type of offer that you want from us.

Click here to submit your suggestion