Offer one

We have received a lot of entries in the past 2 – 3 days and the suggestions to the offers that you guys wanted were quite numerous.

A lot of different people from different countries and locations with different suggestions. Some people wants to know how to make money online, Some want to know what inspired the creation of vokprime and some wants to know the books that I read

Among the many suggestions that we received this are the 4 suggestions that people were hitting on more than any other thing. Funny enough, a few persons say they want an iPhone 11 Pro (No, no no… Don’t laugh at them, it’s their suggestion too).

So we have done some thinking on how to go about this and we have decided to focus on the 4 most popular suggestions but the offer will come one at a time in descending order.

The top one on our list of the 4 things suggested is how to make money online. I must say that this site has nothing to do with how to make money online. However, since it’s an offer that needed your suggestions on and you decided to say this as one of the things you need. We are willing to go out of what we do on this site (which is purely tech news and other tech related things) and give that to you.

So below this post is a link on an ebook that I have compiled containing numerous ways to make money online.

Note: This will be your first offer out of 4 offers. The other offers will come subsequently as we have decided to take it one at a time. So kindly download using the link below and don’t forget to subscribe to our notifications so that you will get subsequent offers in real time.

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