eFounders may not be a trending name, but the European startup studio have been on the forefront of launching companies whose goal is on software-as-a-service enterprise products. The startup studio released some metrics to the public about its porfolio companies.

In list of companies eFounders released, the likes of Mailjet, Front, Aircall, Spendesk, Forest and a host of others were at the top, showing how important the startup studio has been in propelling up other companies.

Besides the big names, the metric has served the purpose of showing the valuation of the company which is now at $1billion. In the year 2018, eFounder’s valuation was at a whooping sum of $541 million which have so far leapeed higher.

The company have employees over cities such as San Francisco, Paris, and New York. They generated $254 million from VC funds and as well as $107 million from ARR.

In the coming years, id competence is kept constant, the company would have proven that it can operate on its own as well as starting new projects and companies. It is pertinent to note that the startup studio is already in a working relationship with new companies whose number stands at five now.

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