Tableau before being purchased by sales force had some tools and features they had been working on, and just updated this features which aid data analysis, today, 18th September

“Explain data” one of the new tools on tableau,gives users better information on what really goes on in their data. This information is gotten from an inbuilt statistical engine in tableau, which immediately analyzes data, when launched,for the user. It also gives a list of vital factors which gives rise to a particular data point.

Tableau Chief of Staff

Francois Ajenstat, Tableau chief product officer,explains that this feature saves time for users,as it analyzes data immediately. Also the feature removes chances for oversight and makes data analysis more computerized.

This feature which is AI driven, gives faster data insight and precise aspect of data. Also there is a new list of features that makes available information about data breadcrumbs with the origin of the data, this information enables the users know the source, relevance and how safe the data is.

There is also a new server management tool which would assist companies with large organization to unify their work while using tableau. Access to these features are now readily available to users