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User Interface and detailed policies for COVID-19 (including sample code) released by Tech Giants for exposure-notification apps

Apple and Google Have Been Providing additional funds for programmers dealing with the very first version of the Exposure Notification API, the...

The Infinite Shelf-Space Effect

The business strategy known as the Long Tail is found in Media and Entertainment (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes), Physical Goods (eBay), Advertising (Google),...

As A Lady

As a lady, why would l want to be in tech? Growing up in a society where females...

The End of the World: Robots & Artificial Intelligence

Throughout science fiction, Robot rebellion has been a major theme. From Avengers, Captain Marvel, Star Wars, Guardian of the Galaxy, to Avatar, Iron Man,...

Google’s update to ARCore to be released soon

Google in recent time has silently been working to improve its Augmeneted Reality platform. ARCore was offficialy launched by Google in the first...

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