Which high yield portfolio should you start investing in?

No matter how exciting investing is, adulthood says differently, because it can be quite overwhelming for beginners. Investing is a necessity if you want to attain your goal of becoming financially free. The internet has made it possible to learn about investing and to start with as little money as possible. You should rid yourself of the misconception that you can only start investing when you are rich. It’s possible to do so without breaking the bank, no matter how tight your budget is. The question is, which high yield portfolio should you start investing in? Let’s find out in a breeze.

Credit Union

Your bank could likely be giving you 0.6% on interest for your money, and it’s a bad move, especially with the high rate of inflation. It will be better if you are investing your money with the credit union in your locality. Not only will you have higher interest, but you also have access to better rates on loans than banks as well.

Certificate of Deposit(CD)

You are better off investing your money in a Certificate of Deposit than regular savings. You must know that with a CD, your chances of getting high returns are dependent on the duration of the deposit. But if you withdraw the money earlier than the agreed duration, there will be a penalty for that.

Money Market Accounts(Mamas)

Money Market Accounts are not the same thing as the stock market. The names are just looking related, but are quite unrelated. However, they are excellent portfolios to consider investing in. If you have a money market account, you can access high yield on your savings, as well as check-writing and debit cards. Unlike the certificate of Deposit, you will not be charged for withdrawing early, only, you need bigger amounts as a deposit.

Cash Management Accounts(CMAs)

Robo-advisors, online brokerages, and mobile trading apps are the different places you’ll find the CMAs. It’s mostly not found in the traditional banks, so, you will need to start looking into them. CMAs offer you checking and savings accounts, and a no-fee charge for your transactions. Just as with the MMA accounts, you’ll need bigger funds as deposits.


Once you have decided on the best way to start investing your funds, it will be great to do your due diligence. Ask certain questions to gain a better understanding of the systems before you put your money there. Nothing beats preparing for the ups and downs that come with investing, thus, be thoroughly prepared.

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