3 ways to build loyalty within your team

Due to the great resignation, you could be one of the organizations that are struggling to retain their staff. Professional staff, those who are good at what they do and get real-time results are difficult to get. Especially if their job description requires lots of training, you wouldn’t want them to walk out of the door with their abilities. You should therefore put in a lot of effort to make everyone on your team feel supported. This way, they wouldn’t begin to worry if your competitor provides a better working environment. Loyalty is one attribute you should try to gain in your establishment.

How to Cultivate Loyalty Within Your Team

You might be able to keep paying a huge amount of salary, but, retaining staff is more about loyalty than money. The real question is how can you create loyalty among your team?

Give them room to improve

Everyone makes mistakes, and if your team member makes one in the bit to help the business grow, give them a break. You shouldn’t throw anyone under the bus. Instead, giving them room to improve, will help them to evolve into a strong team member. Their managerial skills will improve as well which fosters loyalty.

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Make a hero out of them

Always treat your team members as heroes, by paying attention to what they care about. When you do, you’ll be able to discover what their high hopes are about. You will be able to identify their goals and their interest, and they will feel wanted/respected. Once your team members feel respected, loyalty will begin to breed.

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Reality Check fosters loyalty

A solid strategy for the growth of a business is to hire smart people and then get out of their way. There is no reason to handle a business with a top-down command-and-control method especially if it’s a startup.

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In the case of giving your team members reality checks, you need to give them an avenue to gauge their progress. In this way, they will know if they are handling their jobs well or not. Give them the chance to discover what your competitor is doing and compare it to what they are doing in your establishment. Once your team members discover they are doing way better than most of your competitors, it will boost their ego. This is a wonderful reality check for your team, knowing they are doing well would improve loyalty on their part.


Loyalty can be built by developing viable growth opportunities for your team members. It can also be done by showing appreciation for their efforts and work especially when they go beyond expectations. Build loyalty and increase retention rates by prioritizing employee recognition programs. The program could be aimed at applauding and recognizing milestone achievements.

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