How to become a better CEO

One amazing thing that comes out of being a CEO is how you move from running and chasing your dreams to being responsible for other people’s livelihoods… Your staff. Often, a successful business goes through some complexity of growth. The question is, how do you shuffle through all of this, and still have a great impact on your employees. As a CEO, if you thrive as a leader, then, your company will thrive too.

How to become a better CEO

Many executable ideas can help you thrive as a CEO, and we will be discussing some of them.

A thriving CEO finds a routine

if your goal is to thrive in your business as a CEO, then, you need to do this all around, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For this to happen, you must find a routine, something that gives you energy, right before you hit the world. It could be morning coffee, watching a good course, meditating, drinking water, exercising, anything. Find that activity that makes you feel alive and ready to break even as a CEO, and turn it into a routine.

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A growing CEO creates a framework.

A 25-year framework will be better if all your actions should be in alignment with growth. A long-term vision allows you to bounce back from challenges as they come. Therefore, work with a long-term framework and grow as a CEO.

Have Personal Breakthrough

Your ability to lead as a CEO will be dependent on your breakthroughs. And the four attributes that yield the much-needed results include;

• Commitment
• Courage
• Capacity
• Trust

All four will expand your ability to lead effectively as the CEO of your company.

Define Your Goals and Values through Exercises

Create a list of things and people you are grateful for and read it to yourself every day. Then write down your top 5 priorities every day and work with them. There will be days in your CEO journey where activities will churn up in great numbers. On such occasions, your priority list will help you stay on track. These are exercises that are essential to a CEO, for they will help you define your goals and stick to your values better.

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A CEO has deliberate practices

It will be a wonderful thing to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship and to climb the ladder of a CEO alone but it’s not an effective method. As a CEO you need to have deliberate practices in the sense that you need a mentor. An expert in the field you are pursuing. Working with an expert or expert as a CEO helps you expand your impact on your business. You will aim to practice certain things deliberately as it will facilitate growth quickly.

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A 3-time Structure

As a CEO, you need to have a 3-time frame to structure your week. In your framework or planning calendar, there should be execution, preparation, and free days. You could set three execution days maximum, two preparation days, and the rest as free days.

The essence of this structure is to keep you sane, and away from burning out quickly. A CEO is a human being too and needs to disconnect and rest from work to improve stability.

A CEO leads not manage

Indeed, you must stop managing your team and start leading them. They aren’t pieces that you should move around without thought. Undoubtedly, you will have to learn to recognize each individual as having different strengths and weaknesses. That way you can implement strategies that grow their strengths and foster teamwork. One that offsets one individual’s weakness with another individual’s strength.

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Anyone in the company should have access to the key performance metrics of the company. A dashboard displaying this feature is of utmost importance because it allows everyone to see what’s going well and what needs urgent attention. Therefore, using dashboards will help you and your team prioritize and focus your energies wisely.


Obviously, you already know that being a leader comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be in the best frame of mind to handle these responsibilities as they surface. Therefore, this blog gives you actionable ways to become the best CEO and leader of your company.

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