The reason a lot of people deserve to work less and make more is the desire to have more time to live(spend with family and loved ones). The freedom here does not center upon working yourself to the bones to input more and become more productive. The freedom here is about being able to call the shots in your life and gain more in your overall existence. Therefore, learn how to work less and make more in the rest of the readings.

Understand the 64/4 principles.

It’s no news that you’ve heard of the 80/20 rules, the Pareto principles which center on the idea that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. This principle applies to a lot of things not only finance or business, and promotes the work less and make more philosophy. 

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Watch this, if you are a YouTuber, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to reach a lot of people (100-1 million or more) by making videos using 4-6 hours. In reverse, if you had to send emails about your videos or so, you might only be able to reach 100200 people in the same hour. It’s an incredible experience, you can see the stark difference in the usage of your time and resources.

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Today, you should learn the 64/4 rules too. It promotes the logic that 4% of your business will bring in two-thirds of the results in your business. So, the most powerful use of your time could be being in front of the camera making videos instead of sitting at your desk sending emails.

If you do not take the message of the work less and make more in this writing, you’ll suffer from burnout. Of course, you should already know that it affects your creativity in your business, and the next effect is a dwindling business. Avoid that. Whatever it is the is bringing the best results in your business, focus on that, and delegate the rest to other people.

Double your rate

This is the simplest way to work less and make more, let’s look into it. If you are working on your business and you charge, maybe, $100, what would happen if you charge more? Yes, you would split your working hours into two. You’ll be making more amount in a month, using less time, which frees up time for you to spend elsewhere.

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It’s okay that you’ll have fewer clients because that’s the deal. When you have fewer clients but charge more, you’ll be on that voyage of being able to work less and make more. You should see the biggest picture here, it’s important. However, if you do not lose clients you’ll be doubling the amount you make for the same hours or amount of work. And if you do lose clients, you’ll be working half the time, and making the same amount of money you are currently making as long as It’s a doubled rate.

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At the same time, lower-priced products often come with a lot of headaches than the higher ones. Also, you need to sell a lot of it to make the same amount of money. Interestingly, when you double your rate, people tend to perceive that you are good at what you do. You’ll look like a luxury item or provide a luxury service to your clients if you have a higher price point. Viola! With this, you’ll have the opportunity to work less and make more.

Understand Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law applies to business for quite some time now, and it’s stated that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. It means that if you allocate the longest time to finish a task, that’s how long it will take to finish it.

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We are guilty of applying these rules to the things we do. If we had a two weeks essay to submit, we’ll always want to do it on the deadline. And if we have a task that would take 30 days to finish and we are allocated 14 days, somehow, we find a way to complete it regardless of the short time frame.

If you can finish a task that would have taken you 5 hours in 3 hours, do not try filling in the extra time with work. No, you earned this extra time, go have your leisure time and enjoy it. It’s perfect for you to be able to come up with these strategies which help you work less and make more.

Amplify what works

Instead of doing more things, you have to amplify the things that are already working in your business. It will give you the ideal work less and make more satisfaction.

Amplifying what works doesn’t mean doing more videos (the illustration used above), no, this defeats the entire purpose. (if you read point 3.). What you would do could be to add more value to those videos so it can bring more audience. Think of things you can do to achieve this around your area of strength (64/4 rules).

Hire Quickly

This might be the hardest on the list because we sometimes feel other people won’t be able to do a good job as much as we would. You gotta do it. If the quality will not drop more than 20%(which wouldn’t be quite noticeable) then, you have to learn to delegate.

If you don’t learn to delegate, you are letting a lot of things take up your mental space. This is bad for you and your creativity levels. If you want your business to grow and reach more people, higher fast, and often. You’ll have more time in your hands, and you already know what that means.

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