One of the challenges people face when it comes to making income online is often where and how to start monetizing their knowledge and skills. You’ll be learning the different C’s that will help you make an income from your knowledge and skill-set. You should be excited because the methods apply to anyone with no social media following, email lists, and existing audience. Stay tuned.

The three C’s include Coaching, Consulting, and Courses.

Your knowledge

Firstly, to pursue this journey, you need to discover what it is you’ll be able to sell. This is directly dependent on your skill level so far. For an extremely young person, it might be a little harder for you to identify this. It all boils down to being able to teach other people if and only if, you have 10% more of the knowledge that they do.

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With this concept, you can see that you do not have to be a professor to teach your knowledge to others. All you need is to be quite good and advanced in some ways and you are good to go. Therefore, as a young person, you should bear this concept in mind, when you want to share your knowledge with others and at the time earn from it. Find the one thing you are better at than the next person, find out what problem it will solve, and monetize it.

Understand that the greater the problem you can solve for a lot of people, the bigger the money you’ll make. Business is nothing but solving problems.

Sell Your knowledge through Courses

You already know what courses are, every day, you are being sold a course on the internet. There is a reason, that courses are being sold daily, and it’s because it works. You might choose to call it anything, lengthy ebooks, programs. It can anything that allows you to provide knowledge to another person. You solve their problems while they focus on studying at their own pace. You’ll find great success at selling courses, and it’s a powerful way to put a ton of information for other people while breaking it down in the simplest way possible.

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They can study everything by themselves and get the benefits of that knowledge in one spot. It’s also a magical way to make money while you sleep. Again, you just create the product up front and then make some tweaks later on when your audience asks for specific things or your knowledge expands.

You create it once, then, promote it, and it keeps growing. You can go ahead and create more courses depending on your knowledge to grow your success. At the same time, you don’t need to hold people’s hands and guide them one by one. There will always be customer service questions to answer. Be prepared for that.

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Not everyone should be doing courses because your knowledge or skills may not be transferable to a course. Also, you might be able to make more money coaching and consulting. Additionally, the market is already saturated with courses. To strive through all of these, your market and your niche have to be on point.

So, deliver everything you said in the marketing terms, and make sure everyone enjoyed it and gained the lessons. This way your courses will be touching lives as they should.

Where to sell your course

Now, you’ve created your course, you have to get it out there in the world. There are lots of places you can sell your courses for free, for example, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. These are platforms where there is an already existing audience and client base. There are some of the biggest platforms for online courses and they have a wider audience. This client base is looking for knowledge that you have to improve on themselves.

You can also go to places where your customers already exist. Try Facebook pages, and groups, give as much value as you can before you begin to sell to that particular audience. Go to schools, put up flyers, think of promoting your brand online and offline as well.

Sell your knowledge through Coaching

You help people improve in certain areas by coaching them. You can become an online coach for anything you are good at. It’s amazing because you can price them and deliver them in different ways.

How to sell your coaching

Coaching is delivered differently so you don’t need to create courses or find platforms to sell your knowledge. When you have secured your client, they pay through PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc. And when they pay, you reach an agreement on how to go about coaching him or her.

You need to use the Facebook group option discussed above and find your clients. Other places include Reddit, Quora, Instagram, etc. Amphy gives you the chance to sell live coaching on their platform. Give out free information probably in exchange for their mails, and upsell them from there.

Sell your knowledge through Consulting

Consulting involves speaking with businesses not clients directly, on how to improve their operations, and increase sales. Consulting makes you help businesses get better results with your knowledge. You can make a lot of money this way, and this makes consulting a huge advantage for you.

Why? The reason is that businesses always have money channeled towards consulting. Being that if it works, it can take their business to a new level in terms of higher revenues yearly. Bear in mind that the kind of skills you bring to consulting has to manifest in monetary value for the company. A solid return of investment is what the company will be looking for.

How to sell consulting

It’s not the same as selling coaches or courses, consulting isn’t directed at one person, but a room full of people who make decisions for the company, and what’s best for the growth of the company. Before you pitch to these companies you need to ask what the problem they are facing is. The bigger the problem, the more value you’ll be providing, and the more you can charge.

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How do you find the person who is in charge that you can talk to? Oftentimes, these people do not leave their contact information on the internet. The good news is that with you can get contact details just by putting in their names. So, go on find their names, and you’ll find them.

Then, professionally tell them how you’ll be benefiting them greatly in their businesses. If you did a good job with your proposal, and they are looking for your services, you might get a yes, or be required to do a follow-up.

In the beginning, it might be difficult to get the big fish, because you might not have enough proof to show you can be of any help with your knowledge. What you can do is to start with smaller businesses, maybe, your friend’s businesses. Help them improve over time, and then, get testimonies that will be used to get the big fish. Once, you’ve had the opportunity to work with big clients, you’ll be able to use them as references for prospects, and it gets easier from here.


This might not be an exhaustive list of how you can make money online with your knowledge, but it’s the beginning. Step into your creative self and make a difference today.

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