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It’s possible to start anything from zero, you just need to get involved.

When you open a blog post that centers around finance, what is it you’re looking for? Isn’t it a change in your financial life? Why then does your attitude change to that of hatred once you see someone is making more than you are? Shouldn’t you begin to look into ways by which you too can pull the big bags for yourself?

Or is it that you are afraid of the change that is coming your way once you make certain changes in your life? Are you afraid your business may not move in the right direction?

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Wait, are you afraid you are not ready for the changes that life will bring your way as a result of these decisions? So you decide to channel your energy to anger and bitterness towards another successful individual?

Calm down, are you one of those who blame external circumstances for your current situation? Do you think someone or something is holding you back except yourself? Does this make you project your pain and hatred unto other people? Gosh, you have to find a way to stop that.

How to start anything from zero

The most important thing is that you can start anything from zero. There are lots of success stories of people who grew from nothing to something. You can be one of them. These people didn’t sit back and complain.

They took fate into their hands and nailed it to the cross. Clearly, you have to learn to do that too. Obviously, these people did something, you can do something too. Above all, the painful thing will be if you never start at all.

This writing is starting off to motivate you to take action and start that business you’ve always wanted to start. Furthermore, it’s out to encourage you to start anything from zero. Why?

If you don’t do it, someone else will

Without a doubt, you probably have an idea right now about that thing you want to start. It could be a business, a YouTube channel, a book, etc. Indeed, it is important to note that without action that idea is worth nothing.

Also, you should understand that the universe is in charge of the ideas that materialize into inventions today. However, one thing you should know is that the universe grants this idea to multiple people.

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Nature knows that a lot of people will allow fear, uncertainty, and doubts to stop them from acting on those ideas. Therefore, he spread it out to different people, that way even though it’s one person who acts on it, the idea will still materialize.

If you do not take action on the idea that you have right now, do not be surprised when you see someone else doing it. Definitely, the universe gossips, never forget that.

Someone is will take that idea and make it take shape and form and that person should be you. Since the universe is concerned about making sure the idea takes shape, who is going to do it? Your neighbor or you? Think about it.

Start and learn, don’t learn and start

First and foremost, you’ll learn more by doing. Moreover, if you want to start something anything from zero, don’t wait until you know a lot of things about it. Start from somewhere.

I know if you want to start a YouTube or blog, for instance, you might worry about what kind of content you should publish. How to create those contents, and you might worry about duplicating what other people are doing.

Alternatively, the thing about worrying like this is that you will get caught up in those worries instead of taking action. Which would be to publish your first blog post or upload your first video on YouTube.

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Unquestionably, this is a trap you ought to avoid. Most people always want to learn everything about the business they want to start before starting. What happens is that the business never gets started or they keep delaying and delaying.

Believe me, you will learn everything you need to learn on the way. You just need to start. Sitting back and planning a 50-page business plan isn’t what you are supposed to be doing right now. Trust me.

Planning is good but too much of it is overwhelming. Additionally, you will be exposed to a lot of information that makes starting that business a daunting task. Nevertheless, just start something, and somewhere.

Never trying will be more painful than trying and failing.

Firstly, you should do whatever it is you wanted to do because even when you get older you will still want to do those things. Secondly, the bad side will be that you’ll get older and you may never have the strength to do it anymore. Thirdly, these desires are never going to go away. At this time, you have to do them now. Don’t wait till tomorrow.

Absolutely, if you start something and you fail, it doesn’t matter. Besides, there are valuable lessons and skills that you learned from them. Despite failing, these can be useful in another area of your life. Another venture. Probably, another business too. So don’t cringe at the idea of failing, the skills never go away, you’ll use them.


Act like the dumbest person in every room.

Your success will come from constantly evolving and growing. Being the smartest person in the room will bore the rest of the people around you very quickly, including you. At the same time, acting like the dumbest person in the room will be so uncomfortable for you.

Even so, you should be in the second room not the first. The first will boost your ego, yes, but the second helps you learn and evolve. Above all, you should have people around you that you can brainstorm with, and that will bring the best out of you.

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Find mentors, role models, for without them you won’t go far. Remember, you have lots of things to accomplish, and you’ll need a lot of brainstorming to do it.

Again, learn to delegate tasks around, hire people to lift the workload off you, and amplify your vision for your business. Be always learning because without that you are going to be dying and not living up to your potentials.

If you are the smartest person in the world, you need to change that room. This is because other rooms will challenge you and make life more exciting for you. Go out there and be the dumbest person in the room. Now, I am sure you have the confidence to start anything from zero. Do it and don’t look back.

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