The moment you begin the journey to becoming an entrepreneur, you’ll be envisioning how much money you will amass. The various things you will be able to do with money will be created in your mind’s eye. You’ll be able to buy anything you want, even though it’s not everything in the world. Your world will be fun-filled and before you realize you begin to hunger for more. At this point, you want to create something that mattered and of course, lasts forever.

How does the route to becoming an entrepreneur feel?

If you successfully begin a business or an initiative that changes people’s lives, then, you have given away valuable assets to the world. Even though the money you are paid is a little amount and it isn’t enough, you do not mind. You might even do such tasks and activities for free until you get to the point where a small financial setback would ruin you as an entrepreneur.

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Once the season that favors your business ends, which means you might not be able to earn income for a few months, reality dawns on you. The bills start coming in, taxes, and the rest, which of course might cost you everything you have. You’ll catch yourself dipping your hands into your savings, and every money you had to foot those bills. This would leave you with a few dollars here and there, probably those you stumble upon in your clothes, pockets, or lying around the table

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Now, imagine if, at that same season, you have a family celebration coming up, and you’ll realize you wouldn’t be able to contribute to the fun, and excitement. Crawling into bed and crying will be one of your options at this point. Would you succumb to these bitter feelings? No, you do not have time, therefore, using the few hours you have for self-pity is off the list. You need to do all you can to prove that you are better than the person situations have reduced to, and you are stronger.

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Declaring bankruptcy is one of the things you might do as a potential entrepreneur

Rising from your seat of shame, you declare bankruptcy, publicly share your financial position with the world, and decide to start from the bottom up. It’s with this experience that you would suddenly realize you ought to learn about money, entrepreneurship, business, and a determination to be free from financial stress, forever.

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Indeed, this plan means you are hoping to go from zero to a fortune within a few months. The goal would be to discover the secrets to personal prosperity and becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you play your cards well, you might be able to raise that fortune

If you do amass that fortune, the feeling of never being that rich in your entire life will be yours. This means at this moment, you can afford anything including that family celebration. You’ll learn just about anything you can and success will be yours. Within the time frame you gave yourself, you’ll be free of financial stress.

What is the one thing you would learn after losing money as an entrepreneur?

Now, we can rightly say that you are a successful entrepreneur. All of that period you invested in making this dream a reality, you’ll learn a few things. One of them will be that even though you intended to make money, the results turned out to be you giving life and value to others. Even so, look below 👇

Money is important

Some of us have been raised to believe money isn’t important or probably bad. You can’t blame anyone for inheriting this conviction but yourself. Deep down, you’ll be thinking that those people with money are not nice. When you allow this thinking to take root in you, you’ll always spend money as soon as you have it.

This is the reason you initially didn’t care about money right before you file for bankruptcy. It’s the reason you felt you could give value to people at the beginning and do so for free. All you wanted was to change the world which you’ll discover soon enough that you wouldn’t be able to make an impact if you had no money.

It is also at this point that you’ll learn that money barely makes you a bad person. It only makes you more of what you are. Meaning that if you are a jerk when you have money, then, you are still a jerk when you are broke.

However, if having more money for you, means giving more then, you need to be in a position where you do not worry about money anymore. So, if you can’t even take care of yourself, how do you intend to give the next person, when clearly, you have nothing to give. Think about it.

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