You can finally be debt-free, and it will be a great feeling. There are some things you wouldn’t know until you are debt-free. Before paying off your debt, you must know that there will be things that will happen to you while you’re paying off debt. And there will also be things that will happen when you finally pay off debt, and it’s great to share them with you.

It’s not normal to live life in debt, and so everyone should be working on becoming debt-free as much as they can.

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After you are done paying off debt, you’ll realize the journey was fun. And things would have done out differently if you enjoyed it when you did. But because you were so focused on the negative, you forgot to enjoy the process of breaking those debts into tiny amounts and finally getting them all off your back.

After paying off your debts what next?

That period you put into paying off debt, you are knocking down balances, and you’ll always have something to look forward to.

After you are done paying off debt, you shouldn’t stop there, you should use the same vigor and grow your savings. This way, you would have something to look forward to, as the days of your debt-paying journey.

Are they values you learned during your debt-free journey?

The thing that paying off debts teaches you is strict money values. You will find yourself using those habits you learned to fight towards growing your money bank. This time you are pilling up money, not for your credit card company but yourself.

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Right before you are debt-free you will think that right after you are done paying everything off, you will do anything you want. I beg to disappoint you, you wouldn’t do anything you want no more. You have finally realized the value of money, and this new realization opens you up to new monetary policies and habits.

The thing is when you go without something for so long you finally realized it wasn’t that important in the first place.

Should you use the snowball or avalanche method for paying off your debt?

Another thing you might regret would be, that you should have stopped the snowball method and moved over to the avalanche method sooner. Avalanche would save you a lot more time. If you had focused on the highest debt, with the highest payment, you would have been debt-free sooner. This is because you might have never needed them, “knock off one balance at a time” something. This isn’t disputing the fact that some people do need it. Some people get motivated when they tick the boxes off so they can concentrate on the snowball method instead.

Did you need all those money to live?

The next thing you realize is that you do not need that much money to live. You will soon realize that when your life isn’t expensive, working a 9-5 is a scam. This isn’t saying entrepreneurship is the next thing. Not everyone was meant or cut out for entrepreneurship. You should be able to do whatever you want with less time.

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A 9-5 is a scam unless you are doing something that you love and you are okay with working 40 hours a week. If you are not okay with it, try as much you can to make your life cheap so you wouldn’t have to put a strain on yourself.

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