Instagram has recently tested a new feature in seven different countries which may subsequently be implemented based on the success of the test. The new test hides number of like counts on posts. Very soon, the test will be carried out in the US as well. The announcement of the test was made by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri at the WIRED25 conference.

Canada was the first country to experience the test, closely followed by Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and finally New Zealand.

Here is how the test works:

An Instagram User makes a post at a specific time. Soon the likes start rolling in and he/she gets notified. The outcome on the other end is different. Followers of the Instagram User do not get to see the likes count on the post.

From the above test, we all see that Instagram is trying to work out a process where people are influenced by the relevance of a post and not by the like on the post.

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