What is the controlling factor that all the things in your life come down to? There is only one factor that determines whether you end up rich or poor at the end of your life. And this one controlling factor boils down to your choices. Your life is nothing but the accumulated compound effect of the choices that you have made up to this moment.

Choices is the differential factor

Your body, your bank account, the size of your bank account, the intimacy of the relationship in your life. Everything is the outcome of the choices you made up to this point. Success is not the result of some heroic feats, none of the faces on the success magazine did heroic things. It had nothing to do with some act of grand bravery. Instead, success is a result of small seemingly insignificant moments of choices. The only thing that differentiates them from you is the accumulated effect of those choices.

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Choose wisely

If you had the choice of getting a single penny that doubles every day for 31 days, or 3 million euros in cash right now, which would you take it? Would you take the doubling penny or the 3 million euro?

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Let’s say you took the penny because you believe small things add up, and your neighbor took the million euros. 5 days after, your measly penny is worth 16 cents, your neighbor has 3 million euros in cash, and a party is going on in his house. 10 days down the road, your penny has yielded 5 euros and 12 cents. You do not have to wait till 31 days to witness the dramatic outcome of this compounding pity.

The eighth wonder of the world

Your penny has turned into 10 million seven hundred and thirty-seven thousand against the paltry 3 million euro. This goes to prove that compound choices are the 8th wonder of success. This is because the same choice you made on days 1 and 2 is the same simple choice on days 30 and 31. Yet, the outcomes of those choices are different.

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You need to stop looking for the quick fix of success, happiness, and wealth. There is no shortcut, you are going to walk through a minefield, day in, day out, of hard work. The reason is that success is earned one day at a time. Every day, when you get off the bed, you decide if you are going to be a success or a failure. It’s either you are moving forward or falling behind, one step at a time.

Igniting your compound effects

The moment you make a choice, the consequences, the outcome, the results, are invisible. It might look like it’s not having any impact, and you might get faked out. First, what you need to do is to just have patience, even though, you don’t see the results at the moment. Every choice you make ignites, fuels it, and it will stretch itself out in 10,15,20 years from today. Then, it will reveal its results to you.

Good choices give you an edge

You could be constantly bombarded with sensational marketing gimmicks that claim you will get rich, fit, younger, sexier, overnight. And they claim you just need very little effort with three easy payments of maybe, $39.99. These commercial marketing gimmicks are deceiving people who want to learn how to do better in life. They begin to pursue these gimmicks which makes them derail and distracted. In reality, there is no silver bullet, magic pills, and no friggin of secret.

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The Truth about the process of earning success is that it’s mundane, frustrating, gut stomping, heart crushingly defeating. Well, that doesn’t make for interesting marketing moves, movies, or books. Instead, we have paraded around with all these visions of what it takes to be successful. You need to know that those are just shiny objects and not the truth.

Make the right choices today

Do not stagnate too long because,e in the end, you can never own success. It is not what you know that determines the results in your life, this is a myth. For knowledge isn’t power, it’s only a potential of power. Power is only created in what you do with what you know. There are lots of smart people who are geniuses, who are broke because knowledge isn’t something you take to the bank. It’s only actions that produce results.


There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. In life, you will suffer two pains, the pain of discipline, or that of regrets. The pain of discipline weighs less than that of regrets. So, as you are out there making your choices, ask yourself, pain or discipline or regrets?

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