In a report by Reuters, the parent company of the tech giant Google will soon be acquiring the wearable company Fitbit.

In the report, Reuters confirmed that the deal is undergoing negotiation and may crumble during its course. If the deal is successfully completed, Google will thus have a key position in the wearables category although it has struggled thus far in an attempt to make its presence prominent.

As with Google’s smartwatch move with the product Wear OS which came preloaded with features for tracking fitness through either Google’s Fit app or third party apps, it had been unable to bolster its self in a field where numerous similar fitness trackers were offered at a much reduced cost. Fitbit here offers much more diversified features with its Versa line.

By acquiring Fitbit, Google we’ll strengthen its position in the hardware market as it continues to build phones as well as other devices. Back in 2018, Google made a bold move of acquiring HTC’s design division.

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