Apple has recently released an update of its operating system, iOS 13.2.2. The update will help tackle problems experienced by the Apple product, iPhone, such as killing background apps unexpectedly as well as other hiccups affecting the smooth running of the Apple device. It is of importance to note that the update does not offer any new features, its purpose is to fix errors as stated above.

Other problems that will be tackled by the new iOS include the following:

The problem of fluctuating service after receiving a call with an iPhone.

The problem of unreadable emails with S/MIME encryption.

The problem of Kerboros single sign-on in safari.

The problem of charging an iPhone simultaneously with a Lightening-port enabled Yubikey for two factor authentication.

The release came after Apple commenced the shipment of iOS 13.2. The previous iOS came with new emoji and a change of switch in the Deep Fusion image processing in Apple devices like iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.