Quip, the electric toothbrush startup is set to launch its second line of product. The new product is called Strand, a floss dispenser. The dispenser will be opening at $20 and comes with a refillable canister. Each string will be pre-marked with green every 18-inches as a guide for people to know the amount for each tooth.

Quip CEO Simon Enever told TechCrunch that Strand has been in the making long before Quip released its first line of product. He also confirmed the mission of the company which revolves around dentistry; oral care and floss.

The goal here is to make flossing an integral part of oral care, making people want to floss comfortably. Strand has been made into a product that can easily fit into your pocket and can be taken anywhere.

CEO Simon Enever added that:

“A big insight from our research is that people want to floss on the go. That’s the time when people want to floss but no one brings their floss with them. We tried to create something that slips comfortably into your pocket.”

In funding, $60 million has been raised by Quip from TriplePoint Capital, NFP Ventures and a few others.

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