Samsung’s launch of Cara Delevingne selfie into space through a device has fallen back to earth. Michigan’s Nancy Mumby-Welke of Gariot County apparently heard a resounding crash in her farm during the weekend and came out to discover a metallic object lying there. The lady took to Facebook to share an image of the object, stating how baffled 911 was.

She told NBC News that:

“We realized it had fallen from the sky, it looked like a satellite.”

The device is said to have carried a Samsung logo as well as Raven Industries, a South-Dakota based high altitude balloon manufacturers.

Samsung in an interview told NBC that: “No injuries occurred and the balloon was subsequently retrieved.” The company apologized for any inconvenience, stating that the landing was planned.

Cara Delevingne’s photo was taken with a Galaxy S10 Plus and is for a ‘SpaceSelfie” program, supposedly “the world’s first selfie sent to space.”

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