small creator

Creating and increasing awareness of brands and getting loyalty from customers are two problems facing startups. These challenges are heightened as most startups don’t have enough money to pay mega-influencers and celebrities with great recognition to promote their brand.

Nevertheless, a study done by ACTIVATE, shows that smaller influencers may also be very instrumental in solving the problem of brand promotion. These smaller upcoming influencers are more accessible and are the best bet for marketers, as they enable emerging brands to utilize certain communities and provide superior engagement.

A study carried out by ACTIVATE on over 110 brand marketers, PR professionals, agency executives, social media managers, led to the discovery that about 64 percent of marketers are maximally using micro-influencers rather than large creators, mega influencers and celebrities.

Again, over 44 percent of marketers reuse sponsored influencers created content and this act makes the ROI of an influencers campaign last longer and this, if harnessed by startups would give them great visual asset for marketing purposes in time to come.

Small influencers are affordable as opposed to mega influencers, as these small influencers benefit from the exposure gotten.

Therefore, considering the facts gotten from this study, startups when developing an influencer campaign, should not limit themselves to mega-influencers as their content right are at very high rate. However, startups should consider primarily their target audience, the message to be passed across and use small creators as they too can create contents as significant as those of large creators.

Startups can maximize the opportunity of using most of the very significant upcoming influencer strategies to create more awareness for their brands without paying dearly.

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