How to instill accountability in your business?

To have your business flourish and become successful, you need to instill accountability in all your working endeavors. Accountability will help you follow through with all your commitments and achieve the desired results. Accountability isn’t only accrued to the entrepreneur alone, the rest of your employees needs it too. It has the tendency to help your startup or an already established business to move forward.

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Right before, your business kick starts, bear it at the back of your mind that every action and decision taken on behalf of the company will be accounted for. Accountability is needed in all areas as your clients, customers, and investors need to be brought into the light of the activities in the company. They have the right to be informed and this is where accountability plays its part.

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How to instill accountability in your business?

Knowing that you and your staff need this sauce for the success of your business, how do you incorporate it into your agencies?

Lead by examples

This is the most important part of your business. Your staff will only watch you and learn from your actions. Therefore, you should show them some level of accountability as you work on the business every day. Hold yourself accountable first, as this will set the example for the team. Across all levels, your leadership position gives you the avenue to prove that accountability is needed.

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Set Achievable goals

Lofty dreams are not bad, what’s worse is when you do not the difference between those and realistic goals/expectations. Accountability works better in an establishment if you assign realistic responsibilities to your staff. This will give you ample opportunity to hold them accountable for every task assigned to them. Your team members have to be duly informed about the repercussions of not meeting the company’s expectations. Not only will it make them realize their significance, but they will also stay accountable for their tasks and responsibilities. It will be more fun and gives them a sense of purpose when they feel included accountability plays a vital role in this.

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Transparency equals accountability

Your team members need to realize they can trust you, it’s better reflected when you are genuine and transparent with them. A story of failure shared with the hopes of doing better alongside the team’s support has a role to play in successful startups. The openness this outlook creates will facilitate and promote a culture of openness among everyone. This brings accountability into focus, as each hierarchy will stay informed of the company’s objective, thereby, improving turnovers. When your staff understands how much their tiny input will help the bigger cause and values of the company’s vision, they will work better and more effectively.

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The impact of accountability

There is a need to measure the impact that each team member contributes to your business or organization. By doing this, accountability isn’t only brought into play, it helps your staff figure out their weak points. They will be able to handle the errors and try as much as possible to make amends. It will further help your employees, strive to improve in their performance to reach the company’s desired results.

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Constructive Feedbacks

Not just any feedback, but constructive ones, and it has to be done frequently. Constructive criticism and feedback brace you up for accountability. And when received properly and genuinely will help in various improvements. Through that feedback, solutions can be discussed and implemented in a way that will facilitate growth and progress. As much as negative Feedback is frequently thrown here and there, positive ones should be encouraged too. Hardworking employees should be celebrated often to build their confidence, as they move into doing better jobs.

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Ensuring accountability at all levels requires an open environment where your employees have the opportunity to learn and grow. The tendency to give their best will be measured by how much of a growth mentality you have instilled in them through your company’s provisions. Therefore, it’s an effective method, to give them, the space to learn, and probably work at their pace. At the same time, they need to have your trust. You should build a good team, and trust them to stay accountable for everything assignment.

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