If you can’t manage productivity, then, you are throwing money away. The reason is that we all have 24 hours in a day, but, those who have mastered productivity make more money. It is especially important when you are planning to build multiple income streams. Time is the most valuable asset you have and mastering the art of productivity will help you build a lot of income streams. At the same time, productivity will help you win your time back, and it wouldn’t be owned by anyone but you.

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Therefore, if you are working a 9-5, and you are trying to figure out ways by which you can find the time to build your side hustles, then, read on. Maybe, you are just looking for ways by which you can stay productive, here is 6 productivity tips that will help you make more money.

Stop all phone notifications

The moment you realize that your phone notifications are distracting you, you will gain more time, muting them. Your productivity level will surge because your phone no longer detects your attention. Sometimes, when you are trying to get things done, and your phone, beeps, it breaks your attention.

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Of course, you’ll glance over it, and figure out if it’s important or not, then, respond to it. These short breaks slowly add up and slow down your work, because, you’ll have to readjust yourself. Try to remember what you were doing, and then get back to work.

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This doesn’t apply to messages alone, every app on your phone fights for your attention. Google wants you to check your mails, browse chrome, Facebook won’t stop notifying you about your friend’s activities, etc. It’s in their best interest that you stay longer on these apps because that is how they make their money. Now, that you’ve figured this out, what you need to do is turn off all your phone notifications. This will improve your productivity level, and channel those energies towards building your business.

Organizing your Emails.

This might seem as though it’s related to the first tip but you should know that it deserves to be its productivity tips. The idea of having an organized email inbox will give the feeling of relaxation, as a 5-day yoga retreat. The way you manage your email can make or break your productivity.

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The act of scrolling through your mailbox, and reading the various newsletters you signed up for is an enemy to productivity. When you are switching between activities, your brains tend to readjust to new information. Your brain then tries to internalize how you intend to process it.

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What you should do instead, is to allocate a certain amount of time each day to your email. Just as when people use to receive post mails from the mailman, once, every day, you should do the same to your emails. You should choose when your e-postman arrives. The way you can do this is by setting a time in your day for your emails, that way, your attention will be solely on your email.

Write everything on the to-do list

You should put all your tasks on a to-do list, and start with the three most important tasks. They would be your priorities for the day, and you can put them on a separate paper. Then, place it in a position you can see at all times while working. You could choose more tasks as important ones but choosing three tasks is so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

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The three main goals should be hand-written, the rest can be digitally written. And you can complete any of the digitally written tasks while the day continues or move them to the next day. If you get them done on the same day, That’s a bonus on your part.

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Writing your tasks down means you can’t constantly try to remember what needs to be done, instead, your attention will be focused on the present. You get to hype your productivity level when you get all your important tasks done, therefore, start writing them down.

Time blocking

Emails shouldn’t be the only thing you block out time to do, you should do it for all your tasks. All you have to do is block out certain times of the day, and work on those activities. Google calendar will help you sort this productivity habit out. You just figure out how much time it will take for you to work on the tasks you have for the day, and block off time for them.

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It will give you a framework for the entire day and will force you to work. Now, do not spend too much time doing the time blocking as it will defeat the purpose. This will help you resist the temptation of opening your social media accounts or letting other tasks creep in.

Learn to say no

Before you say yes to something, it should be that you are super excited to do it. If not, say no, as long as you are in a fence, turn the offer down. In reality, every time you say yes to something, it forces you to say no to something else. No matter how much productivity you want to achieve, you have limited time. So, sometimes, you have to be realistic about your decisions

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In the beginning, you might be great at saying no, but, you should try to get more comfortable at it. For whenever you say no, it opens up your time to do the things you love doing.

Learn from Experts

If you are still thinking that you have to do everything then you are wrong. Productivity requires you to learn from experts because you can’t do everything on your own. With half the amount of training that you would need to get tasks done, someone else can do it easily.

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The reason is that they have professional training them, and cutting down the mistakes they’ll have to make in the process of learning. An expert sees your flaws and offer solutions to your improvements. Therefore, it’s easy to learn from an expert than to teach yourself. Before you hire experts to teach you things, do these three things.

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First, try to do it yourself, and use the resources that are widely available on the internet for this. When you try to do it yourself, you’ll understand how difficult or easy it is. Secondly, have someone else teach you, this should be after you’ve taken step one. It will help decipher if the expert you are hiring is truly an expert or not. At the same time, you’ll have an idea of what you’re going to learn from them.

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If you don’t try to teach yourself first, you’ll end up learning the basics from your teacher, and you might get bored or think it’s difficult. When you learned the basics already, the rest wouldn’t feel daunting.

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The final step is outsourcing, At the moment, you’ve built up an understanding of the things you want to learn, and it feels as though it will eat into your time, then outsource. With this, you can skip, step one and two, but, you wouldn’t be able to judge if your contact is doing well or not. Hiring people who claim to be experts yet are so incompetent makes you lose time and resources. And it’s bad energy for your productivity goals as it prevents someone better working with you.

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