We are familiar with the “get a trade so you can never starve to death”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a trade. You can become a plumber, and then become very wealthy as one. However, this thinking is out of desperation, and society has witnessed it pass from generation to generation. And it will be right to say that this desperation is completely invisible to all of us.

The industrial revolution age of thinking

The heart wrecking part of this is that schools today are still being run according to the industrial revolution age of thinking. Schools are run like the industrial era factory where you had worked for long hours, a short break for lunch, and then work continued. The big reason is that humans are trained to be cogs in a particular system. It’s as clear as the air that you are living like this as you are a part of everything.

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The point here isn’t that schools are bad, instead, you should be looking out for the truth that shows thinking that is quite invisible to us.

You have been trained to think and act in culturized ways that do not make sense anymore especially in the modern economy. This thinking that asks you to stay cog, work to perfection, and then get a little money at the end will keep you poor.

A generational thinking cycle that keeps you poor

The thinking that keeps families in generational cycles of poverty promotes working long hours for money. And working more hours if you intend to get more money.

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By the end of the day, you find out this method isn’t helping you get even or stay above water financially. You are still struggling with debts. You can’t even afford the car, nor that investment account. And it could be because day in, day out, the magnitude of bills looking at you in the face overwhelms your earnings.

When you discover you are not getting enough money to get by, you turn to that thinking that tells you, “you want more money? Then, go work on more jobs, or additional hours”.

Your earning power isn’t tied to hours

Learn and learn this well, do not tie your earnings to the number of hours that you work. As long as you keep thinking that the number of hours you work equals the number of coins you should receive, you’ll be in financial trouble. And that is because you only have so many hours in a day as a human being.

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The wealthy person’s epiphany for getting out of this bondage is to dump this kind of thinking and load it with gold. This means, for every hour you put into that work, you need to raise the value of your work. Learn to earn more coins per hour, instead of working more hours to get more coins.

Your thinking works for or against you.

If you resent the wealthy, it says more about you, than it does about them. Becoming wealthy comes from believing you can go where you are at the moment to where you want to be financial. It’s your thinking that works for or against you. If you keep thinking rich people are just a different group of species, there will be an absolute void between where you are, and where you want to be.

Actions bring results

It’s worth knowing that if you don’t believe it’s possible to reach the curve that your dream wealth lies in, you won’t act in ways that start to move you there. Therefore, the first step to becoming a high-net-worth individual is to believe that it is possible.

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The wealthy person isn’t a different species, they are made out of their ways of thinking. The wealthy person has more education on what brings in money and how to achieve goals, than what you currently have. The exciting thing is that you too can learn these things and can do them too.

Are you still thinking the wealthy ones are evil, huh?

More often than not, you often view wealthy people as evil people, and how they step on people’s feet to get to where they are now. However, Forbes magazine paints a different picture, for they take the highest-earning individual on the planet, and look at how much they give. The stats show that wealthy people give more than anyone else.

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Here we are talking about more not in terms of money because they have more but more in percentage form. It’s not a valid rule that rich people are stingy and statistics prove it over and over again.

What do rich parents teach their children?

Wealthy families teach their children something very different from what is taught in the middle class and poorer families. It’s about how to interact with authority. The middle class or poorer people are taught to fear authority, and it originated from the industrial revolution thinking. It goes like this, “you gotta fear the big guy in your company because he owns your life”.

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The wealthy folk teaches their children to utilize the knowledge of authority instead of fearing them. They teach them to ask questions and seek directions from those in authority instead of freaking out in their presence.

The industrial revolution thinking that says authority knows it best, you just shut up, and do as you told is outdated.

Do not accept the “play it safe” lifestyle

The fact that you understand that no matter where you are, you can get to where you want to be is a good thought. And that is because there is hope, it can be done. The most dangerous thing that you can do is to play it safe, get a job, and don’t make waves.

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The reason is you are taking all your eggs and putting them in one basket. You take all of your life and hand it to a person whose concern has nothing to do with your welfare. It’s a dangerous way for you to live, change it.

Risky is the new safe

You might say being an entrepreneur or your boss is risky, well, Forbes magazine says the only wealthy people are their bosses.

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If you as an entrepreneur have 10 inspired ideas, 8 fails, you have 2 workings. If you go out and generate another 10 ideas, and end up with 2 workings, you now have 4 working ideas that bring in income. Try another one, and get an extra two, which makes 6 different things that are bringing you income.

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In a nutshell shell, multiple streams of income are safer than the one stream, especially if the one stream is running on the industrial revolution thinking. And the more you stay stuck in the thinking that having a boss take care of you is safe, the greater your life will be in danger.

Permit yourself to fail, for it’s okay. It’s only a big embarrassment, but, pick up yourself and try again. Also, give other people permission to laugh at you and mock you for trying.

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Remember, you are not separated from your goals by several years, only, by several actions, which are completely different. You might say, 10,20,30 years from now, I’ll be wealthy, it doesn’t depend on the years but your actions. Actions put the ball back into your hands giving you control and power. The word is, ” as a man thinks, so is he”, so don’t think poor.

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