Throughout science fiction, Robot rebellion has been a major theme. From Avengers, Captain Marvel, Star Wars, Guardian of the Galaxy, to Avatar, Iron Man, The Matrix, as well as The Terminators, our visuals about robots revolves around the various scenes we watch on screen. As children, we marvel at the supernatural prowess of the heroes in these movies. Interestingly, we try to behave like them subconsciously.

The presence of robots will help students learn at their own pace, with facial analysis gauging the emotions of students to determine who is striving, struggling or bored and better tailor the experience to their individual needs. At home, they will follow instructions and run our washing machines, do simple cooking tasks. In the office, robots might listen to the voice and recognize and comprehend various sounds and instructions, and carry out simple tasks. The role robots will play will also be found in healthcare, where they can understand a patient’s condition, diagnose their symptoms, provide initial first aid and set up further meetings with doctors, which will create a more personalized patient experience. The fun part of their presence will be their ability to play games and interact with us.

However, we can never truly bet on stability and lasting order, for as long as we have people who in favor of this revolution, there will also be those who are not in support. So, there will be groups of individuals who will decide to will the power of our new-found technology in the wrong way. They will also be those who resist change and transformation. Some of them are hackers, members of powerful gangs who steal proprietary algorithms from AI systems, then dash back to their holes to risk being detected by the security forces. Others will be acting Robin Hood and smuggling medicine to religious families who want to live away from AI but also want to save the lives of their children. They will also be places that don’t trust the devices they created and will be vulnerable to the negative effects.

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But what if the detrimental effect of our decision to pretend to be gods will come not from humans but the robots themselves? The machines we created beginning to figure out that the only real threat to their existence is their masters, the blood and bones masters who are constantly becoming a pain in the neck, hacking at the AI, always needing to be fed, needing emotional stability. So, they finally learn to eliminate any threat to their rule, an AI that was trained to liquidate resistance might have any reason to act even if this resistance comes from the leaders themselves.

If the goal of a super-intelligent AI doesn’t align with ours, we have a problem. Because AI having the potential to become more intelligent than any human doesn’t give us the benefit of doubts that they won’t turn against us in the nearest future. People now control the planet, because we’re the smartest, if we are no longer the smartest, are we assured to remain in control?