You might be spending a lot of time chasing the bag, but the bag keeps running away from you. Why is that? If you read the book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, you will realize that money is supposed to be attracted to you. Did you know you are supposed to be operating at a higher frequency to attract money effortlessly?

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In fact, if you take the lessons in the book seriously, you definitely will. You will have money in abundance, and you’ll realize why the book isn’t called, grind/hustle, and get rich.

Think and become

Indeed, you are supposed to understand that you are what you think. Your reality is reflective of your thought patterns. Evidently, If you are having a poor mentality, you’ll be living poor. Again, If you are thinking rich, then, money comes to you without stress.

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Obviously, you should be focused on the abundance that the universe provides when it comes to your finances. Ultimately, If you think you are not worth being rich? Riches will run away from you. Sooner than expected, If you think wealth is your birthright? Wealth will draw you closer to you.

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A lot of people are rich, and even though most of them haven’t worked hard enough as you would think, they are still rich. The difference between you and them is how their internal thinking becomes their external reality.

How do you think about money?

Even though you might have been trained to have negative thoughts towards money, you can change it. Are you one of those who think money is evil? Change that. Are you among those who think the rich are bad people? You have to change that.

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The simple reality is that even though you do have a lot of money, your limiting beliefs won’t let you have them long enough. You will always squander everything up so you can return to the person your thoughts allow.

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If you think wealthy people are bad people, for instance, once you have money, watch out, you’ll spend it all. And the reason is that you do not want to be seen as a bad person. Now, you are shitting yourself. The only thing that needed to change wasn’t to spend everything, it was to stop thinking the way you do. It was to change your negative thoughts towards the accumulation and possession of money.

Do you have negative or positive thoughts towards money?

Be self-aware, are you more positive or negative towards money? This is where you should start if you intend to be rich. First, you should think rich, to be rich. Subsequently, you should think wealthy, to be wealthy. Finally, you should think healthy, to be healthy. Everything all boils down to our thoughts pattern and processes.

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Unquestionably, it is your right to be rich and enjoy the abundance of the earth. Anything less than that is a disease. Nature has no hand in lending you a poverty life. Without a doubt, you gave it to yourself as a result of your inner thoughts. Nature will be happy to grant you all the abundance and wealth you desire if you can just shift your money perspective.

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Definitely, you are economically healthy, the moment money flows freely in your life, and this is the state of life you should be vying for. It’s a wonderful state of life, and you deserve it. Therefore, consider changing the way you think about money, and watch the outcome.

How can you change your wealth status?

The way to do it is to admit that you do have negative thoughts towards money. Then understand that this is a disease that needs to be cured, for your financial health. And lastly, absorb, and embrace the life-changing principles that allow you to rid yourself of these beliefs. When you do, prosperity will be yours.

Those life-changing principles are affirmations. Affirming that money is your birthright. Constantly, telling yourself and believing that you are a money magnet. Knowing with utmost convictions that you deserve financial abundance. Day by day, you should be prosperous, therefore, affirm that for yourself.

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